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dVerse — ghazal — #MLMM Saturday Mix – #Lucky Dip, 23 March 2019 — Tick-Tock

Update 5/25/19:  This has been linked to dVerse, for the form we will be working with for the next month, the ghazal.

saturday mix with sarah


Three Oclock by Diana Miller

Sarah is the host of Saturday Mix.  Sarah says:
Welcome to the Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 23 March 2019!  For this week’s Lucky Dip, I have reached into my mystery bag and pulled out a Ghazal. The topic is up to you!  You may be thinking to yourself, What on earth is a Ghazal poem?  Luckily, Shadow Poetry has an explanation…

This is a new one form for me, it has tricky rules, but it is one I enjoyed using and plan on using again.


Minutes tumble, careless hours,
No glance at clock, unheard tick-tock.

Hours stumble, soon comes night;
While I darn the socks, tick-tock.

Days stretch into a week,
Check the clock, chores complete, tick-tock.

Weeks have gone, now a month;
Short days, winter knocks, tick-tock.

Blizzards come, blizzards go;
Depression blocked, tick-tock.

Years come, years go;
Take stock, sign my will, tick-tock.

Sitting peaceful in the sun,
in a chair that rocks, tick-tock.

Time approaches for the trip;
Hug flock, say goodbye, tick-tock.

Climb heaven’s stairs
Jade Li transcends the rock, tick-tock.


30 thoughts on “dVerse — ghazal — #MLMM Saturday Mix – #Lucky Dip, 23 March 2019 — Tick-Tock

    1. Thank you, Len. When it said “inline rhyme” I think it means a rhyme in the same line, but looking at examples at poetry.com it seems like the form is all over the place. The site even has one by the US poet laureate and it looks a little sketchy. Next one I will keep the continuing refrain, but try to rhyme within the two lines of the couplet and see what happens. Yes, poetry does put one to the test!


  1. A wonderful journey with time as the focus, the leader, the commander of individual fates… As I re read the rule… at least for MLMM we were only to allude to ourselves. I know I’ve done this form before. But not being a fan of any forced rhyme I … and I thought for some reason there was a perhaps darker focus I kept mine short. And added the haiku. Perhaps it was a cheat?

    Had to do some traveling up north today… snow is still on the ground and there are chunks of ice in lakes! I’m thinking Spring is wearing her long Janes 😉

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  2. Time as a love song? Certainly time as a journey. I’ve been contemplating as I read this form, that in every one I’ve read, the poem forms a kind of journey. The poet picks and chooses what he/she wants to connect to in one couplet tied with a ribbon to the one before and one after. In this I heard the clock tick, the seasons change, the years pass by but I missed the living and loving in between. I think you might have left the poem itself behind closed doors in another room. Interesting take on the ghazal. I make come back again to read!

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    1. Hi Gay, pleased to meet you. Does the ghazal have to be a love song? This one wasn’t intended as a love song, more how a person takes time for granted, until time runs out. I will re-read the information and try again. Thank you so much for reading and your thoughtful comments.


      1. I am under the impression it is about passion and love, or love unrequited, or something you’re passionate about, apparently it has historically been linked to drinking alcohol, and being “under its influence” so in a sense freeing bonds, drunk with emotion. I think it should definitely dig into the emotions of the write and he/she is putting themselves into it and admitting to those feelings, passions, emotions. We had two on politics, and I thought they met the mark – one does go all in when involved in politics, and its driven by love/hate with country/leaders. So that’s my take.

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