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One at a Time


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Fandango’s FOWC is paltry, the Word of the Day Challenge is feast, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are carpenter, mile, Jupiter , and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge prompt is “Do they have a phone?”

Jupiter Joli, a carpenter by trade, had finally finished building her 1000th spiral staircase. Wooden structures were her specialty, and her spiral staircases were in great demand. At one point, she’d been commissioned to build twenty of them in a one square mile area! Most of the time, she was given not much more than a paltry nod by the wealthy for the work of art that she created for them, as they felt entitled to such luxury and had paid out the sum she asked. There was little satisfaction for Jupiter on jobs for the wealthy, but they did pay the bills and allow her to put a little money aside.

One day Jupiter received a letter from a woman named Charlize Lafleur. Miss Lefleur wrote:

Ms. Joli–

I’ve heard of your wondrous spiral staircases and would like to commission you to build one for me. Please write me back at your earliest convenience.

With sincere regard,

Miss Charlize Lefleur

Jupiter’s first thought was, “Do they have a phone?” Why was she expected to write back? Being a woman of action, Jupiter decided to jump in her truck and drive directly to Miss Lefleur’s home.

She approached high gates. A sign with “One At A Time” was installed at the entrance. Buzzing the intercom and explaining who she was, the gates swung open and she drove through. What caught her eye first was the roaming giraffe, who walked towards the truck on towering legs. Once she and the vehicle were checked out, the giraffe wandered off. Jupiter reached the humble single-story home, and as she got out, a tall graceful older woman came out and met her.

Hi! I’m Charlize. So very pleased you took the initiative. The sooner you get started on my project the better. Herman’s been waiting.”

Jupiter following Charlize inside. She promptly took her upstairs to the attic and explained,

I need you to build a staircase going up through the attic, tall enough to be able to give Herman a haircut.” Herman, as may have been guessed by now, was the giraffe. Blueprints were drawn up, and a payment plan was arranged.

Jupiter set to work the next week, setting all other jobs on hold until the enclosed tower, with its spiral staircase, was completed.

Charlize and Herman were so pleased with the job Jupiter had done, that they, along with all of the other rescued animals at the sanctuary, held a feast in Jupiter’s honor.

19 thoughts on “One at a Time

  1. After college, and where I met Mrs Wdeod, I worked in a spiral staircase manufacturers. The foundry was downstairs, the office up, reached of course by a spiral. The problem was that a demonstration spiral was in front of the functional one and visitors were forever climbing it, finding it went nowhere and then looking through the window at us confused. Chris

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  2. I could totally see this in a children’s book!
    This story reminded me of the French; they have an expression “to comb a giraffe”, which means doing a long job with little effect/that serves no purpose. I’m sure Herman would disagree!

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