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Coloring Club Plus — 3/31/19

Mar 31


Per wikipedia: “Something” is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1969 album Abbey Road. It was written by George Harrison, the band’s lead guitarist. Soon after the album’s release, the song was issued as a single, coupled with “Come Together”, making it the first Harrison composition to become a Beatles A-side. Its pairing with “Come Together” was also the first time in the United Kingdom that the Beatles issued a single containing tracks that were already available on an album. The single topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States as well as charts in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and West Germany, and peaked at number 4 in the UK.

“Something” is widely viewed by music historians as having marked Harrison’s ascendancy as a composer to the level of the Beatles’ principal songwriters, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It is described as a love song to Pattie Boyd, Harrison’s first wife, although Harrison offered alternative sources of inspiration in later interviews. Due to the difficulty he faced in getting more than two of his compositions onto each Beatles album, Harrison first offered “Something” to Joe Cocker. As recorded by the Beatles, the track features a guitar solo that several music critics identify among Harrison’s finest playing.


12 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 3/31/19

  1. Hans, what I want to know is WHY Paul and John were able to prevent George from having no more than 2 of his songs on an album? Do the songwriters get more royalties or whatever it is called?

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  2. yes the songwriters get more $$$$– in defense of John and Paul- George was a late bloomer-in the early years he wasn’t writing that many great songs- John and Paul were- later on George bloomed- that said on The White Album especially George should have been given more room- there were a few Paul songs especially that could have been scrapped in favor of giving George more room…. and there was always competition- I know they looked at George as being the younger brother. If they Beatles had stayed together there is no question they would have had to have given George more songs per album.

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  3. The one positive to come out of it–he was beginning to store up a lot of good songs- and when they broke up- had a double albums worth for All Things Must Pass- if not the best Beatles solo album certainly on “The Mount Rushmore.” ….. the two best songs on Abbey Road were George songs- Something and Here Comes The Sun… I think George’s emergence as a songwriter did upset the apple cart a bit.

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  4. The picture is awesome…that is not your average run of the mill coloring book.
    Nothing like some George on a Sunday.

    I read somewhere John had told Paul near the end that if they continued John would get 4 songs, Paul 4 and George 4 and Ringo 1 if he wanted per album. Paul supposedly said that was too strict…too military like for him… I’m paraphrasing that.

    He supposedly said that but yet he was the one that vetoed All Things Must Pass and some others….but who knows what to believe.

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  5. Thank you, Max, on the coloring, a real artist did the drawings in the book, yet I picked the book up for dollar or 2 at the dollar store. I can believe that quote, but you are right, you never know. I read I don’t know how many things about “Something” out there, it was/wasn’t about Patti, it was/wasn’t about the Maharishi… Telling 1 interviewer 1 thing and another another is irritating.

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  6. I’m pretty sure it was about Patti… I don’t think George liked to admit that later on. One time he said it was about Hari Krishna… I’m like…come on George

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