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A2Z April 2019 — L — Lozenge


A lozenge (◊), often referred to as a diamond, is a form of rhombus. The definition of lozenge is not strictly fixed, and it is sometimes used simply as a synonym (from the French losange) for rhombus. Lozenges appear as symbols in ancient classic element systems, in amulets, and in religious symbolism. In a suit of playing cards, diamonds is in the shape of a lozenge. The lozenge shape symbolizes female genitalia.

The Vesica Piscis symbolizes the sacred doorway through which spirit enters the world of matter.

vesica piscis

Vesica Piscis

from spiritus lumine: In ancient times, a single circle represented Source and all creation. It was a perfect representation given that circles have no beginnings or endings and that, in an absolute sense, nothing exists but the Divine. Two rings, however, signify the masculine-feminine god-goddess energies of duality.  The two overlapping circles of the vesica piscis contain additional esoteric meanings. They represent the union of heaven and earth as well as the space between them. As mystics, we walk the middle path between these two domains. The intermediate area represents our present place in the God-Continuum.

The lozenge motif dates as far back as the Neolithic and Paleolithic period in Eastern Europe and represents a sown field and female fertility.

neolithic female figurines

from excavations at three open-air sites in the Karama valley of West Sulawesi stone graphic

The ancient lozenge pattern often shows up in Diamond vault architecture, in traditional dress patterns of Slavic peoples, and in traditional Ukrainian embroidery.

lozenge pattern western ukraine

Ukranian lozenge pattern

The lozenge pattern also appears extensively in Celtic art.

Skara Brae motif

image link

Bush Barrow Lozenge
Bush Barrow is situated around 1 kilometre southwest of Stonehenge on Normanton Down. It forms part of the Normanton Down Barrows cemetery. The design of the artifact known as the Bush Barrow Lozenge, and the smaller lozenge, has been shown to be based on a hexagon construction. Both the shape and the decorative panels appear to have been created by repeating hexagons within a series of three concentric circles (each framing the series of smaller decorative panels.) The precision and accuracy displayed by the work demonstrates both a sophisticated tool kit and a sound knowledge of geometric form. A similar gold lozenge from Clandon Barrow, in Dorset, used a decagon in its design.

image description

Bush Barrow Lozenge link

Berber Carpets
The lozenge symbolism is one of the main female symbols in Berber carpets. The main ‘female’ symbols in Berber carpets are the lozenge, the chevron and the X shape. The eight pointed star, known as ‘Solomon’s Star’ also belongs to the feminine fertility symbols. Maternity is the most important aspect of a Berber woman’s life. ‘Male’ symbols are always long and thin, straight lines or sticks next to one another, sometimes forming a fish-bone pattern. The ‘snake’ also plays an important part in male symbolism and is the only animal which appears in Berber carpets with a symbolic meaning. Male motifs usually frame the female motifs and almost always form a border to the rectangular area of a carpet.

berber carpet

Berber carpet graphic and info link

Quincunx pattern
In 1658, the English philosopher Sir Thomas Browne published The Garden of Cyrus subtitled The Quincunciall Lozenge, or Network Plantations of the Ancients where he outlined the mystical interconnection of art, nature and the Universe via the quincunx pattern.


Lozenges and Heraldry
In heraldry, this shape of shield is used for females and non-combative males in place of the masculine shield. Due to the differing role of women in past society, special rules grew relating to the blazoning of arms for women. The rules for women and heraldry developed differently from place to place and there is no one single rule that applies everywhere. In general, arms of women were most likely depicted not on shields but on lozenges or ovals. Different rules exist that depend on the woman’s marital status and a married woman would also often make use of her husband’s arms in addition to those from her family. In both the English[1] and the Scottish[2] systems of heraldry these differences remain active.

lozenge shaped skin shield

image link

Freemason symbol
The Freemason symbol is Faith, Hope and Charity. As in other Mason drawings Faith, Hope and Charity are represented by angels or Goddesses. In this drawing we only see two Goddesses or angels so where is the third? The secret meaning within this drawing is that the third Goddess is Compass and Square imagine in the middle of the drawing.

freemason goddess symbol

image link

This information is the tip of the iceberg of information on the lozenge/diamond/rhombus shape.  One area I wanted to look into but didn’t get to was the symbolism of lozenge in the coffin shape.  I did learn that a casket is a rectangle, but a coffin is a lozenge shape.

Hoping you have enjoyed learning about this symbolic shape today.  Thank you for reading.

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  1. A Venn diagram uses overlapping circles to illustrate the similarities, differences, and relationships between concepts, ideas, categories, or groups. Dimples or markings are uniformly spaced all over the surface of a golf ball which are important for determining how air flows around the ball when it is in flight. The dimple pattern, combined with the spin imparted to the ball when hit by the club, greatly influences the ball’s flight path. Some manufactures have square or diamond shape lozenge patterns distributed around surface of their balls.

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