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dVerse — Haibun — Picnic on the Beach

beach picnic

Picnic on the Beach, by August Macke

Gina is the host of dVerse today.  Gina says:

Our theme for this week’s haibun is picnic! Share with us a memory from a picnic – your haibun must not be fictional but a real experience!
Write a haibun based on the prompt, with 1 to 2 tight paragraphs, ending with a seasonal haiku. Bring the season indoors or take yourselves outdoors; however you choose, the haiku should have a seasonal reference.

The small sailboat is loaded with a soft-shell beverage cooler and another with sandwiches. I carry them criss-cross the chest with their long straps, while he totes the large beach bag with towels, sheet, sunscreen, and bagged snack foods. They are packed on the boat to avoid water and being stepped on. We launch from the nearby launch ramp and set sail for the beach near the state park.

The boat has a crankable centerboard, so we crank it up and pull the boat onto the beach. Chauncey, our dog, jumps off and sniffs a million new smells as we lay out the sheet and anchor it with our shoes, clothes, and two coolers. We walk along the shore, passing kayakers making their circuit around the lake. Schools of tiny minnows swirl in the shallows. The splashing of the water as we walk is lulling. After a bit we return to the sheet and sip cool drinks, eat our sandwiches, and throw chips for Chauncey.

Summer day’s picnic
Sparkling water is the glue –
bonding memory.

46 thoughts on “dVerse — Haibun — Picnic on the Beach

    1. Chauncey was a perfect little gentleman in every situation. The only time he got out of hand was when visitors came over. He swarmed them with welcome for about a minute, then he was fine.


        1. You probably know this already, but dogs are bred for certain traits and some aren’t. He (Boston Terrier) was designed for fighting, believe it or not, as they are small dogs. He never chased anything — or ran from anything. That said, he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He was buddies with our chickens.


  1. There is a genuine sweetness to this piece; a perfect couple’s picnic. I do miss having a dog sometimes, but we’ve been dogless for a decade.

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  2. this was a most perfect Haibun Jade, just telling the scene, no added words or descriptions, very pure, and the reader is just immersed in your lines. thank you for writing the prompt, I really like this side of your writing.

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  3. I’ve always wanted to go sailing and you make it sound wonderful, Jade, especially when a picnic is involved. I like the oxymoron in the haiku ‘Sparkling water is the glue’ and the idea of bonding memory.

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