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Fire-breathing Job via del Toro (fiction)

Fandango’s FOWC is finest, the Word of the Day Challenge is seam, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are dragon, logic, lawnmower , and Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt is the photo.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

For anyone who has watched the film, Lawnmower Man, you know that, aside from Tron, it’s the finest movie ever made about the end game of the human mind as it relates to computers. The logic is that you can get so wrapped up in the seam(less) realm of Cyberia that it becomes more real than real.

There was a sequel to Lawnmower Man that was poorly done, which is a shame. I decided to write to Guillermo del Torro and begged him to make a proper sequel to it. To my sheer amazement he agreed. What he said is that Job will be a three-dimensional fractal dragon in it and that Job will travel the Fiber Optic Highway as he convinces humans to follow him as a God. Humans are mesmerized by his writhing fractal skin, which they can only see in their minds, like having a holodeck in their heads. Neo, from the Matrix movies, will have to go in after Job to stop him, as an Archangel. I can’t wait until it hits the big screen. Netflix is funding it.

24 thoughts on “Fire-breathing Job via del Toro (fiction)

  1. I love every single part of Lawnmower Man. Everyone does what I call Xtreme Acting, including Pierce. I wonder if we can get a letter-writing campaign going to Guillermo?


  2. Both Tron and the sequel were very dark sets, but it sets an other-worldly quality to them. I like the way they created a younger Jeff Bridges with some kind of fx or cgi. It would be interesting to see how they made that movie. Yes it did tie things up.

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  3. Yes it was and his son iwas likeable also. Pretty good ending also.
    I loved when the son went to the arcade and turned on everything like the place hadn’t been touched since the 80s.

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  4. Yes I remember that…
    I love abandoned houses…I’ll watch Youtube for people finding places that hadn’t been touched in years…it’s like a time capsule.

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  5. Yes she was 🙂 Off topic: I’m listening to Smithereens b-sides The Beatles right now for the second time tonight. It’s awesome! Also, my older son and his gf went to see Chvrches in concert in Chicago last night. Not sure if you know them, but he’s loved that group for years. It’s like a dream come true for him.

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  6. I’ve never heard of them…I will give them a listen though.
    They really did those covers well. The one I like the best for some reason is the cover they did of the one George song…Don’t Bother Me…the guitar player sang it.


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