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#SoCS– fallin’ from the sky


Linda G. Hill is the host of Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Linda says:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “fall from the sky.” Write about anything that falls from the sky–real, imagined, or idiomatic. Have fun!

Fall from the sky, eh? How about “Pennies from Heaven”? That’s an old song but no idea who wrote it, who sings it, and when it was sung. Steve Martin is flashing in my mind, so he probably sang it in one of his movies.

(comment about youtube:  Arthur Tracy is singing while Vernel Bagneris performs/ Originally recorded in 1937. The soundtrack version includes additional music (for the movie) arranged and conducted by Marvin Hamlisch. Violin solo (for movie) by Bobby Bruce “Fiddler Extraordinaire”)

I think of the song by The Carpenters, “Close to You”. “Why do stars fall down from the sky every time you walk by. Just like me they long to be close to you.” These are what I call beautiful lyrics, and when they are sung by Karen Carpenter they become ethereal. Can you see Karen up there, smiling down at us?

That’s it from the braincloset this morning.

Happy Saturday!


12 thoughts on “#SoCS– fallin’ from the sky

  1. Wikipedia says that “Pennies From Heaven” was written in 1936 by Arthur Johnson and Johnny Burke, and that Bing Crosby did it in the film of the same name, as did Billie Holiday. This version was beautiful. Who sang it in this movie?

    Bacharach and David wrote some beautiful songs, and there is no voice in heaven or on earth like Karen Carpenter’s. What happened to her should never have happened. Never.

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    1. I didn’t know Bacharach/David wrote Close to You but you’re right their songs can’t be beat, and with Karen singing it’s magnificent. I’m not sure what happened to Karen, I remember seeing a TV dramatization years ago and had read she had anorexia, but that’s about all I know.


  2. I like the version of “Pennies From Heaven” that Loius Prima did the best! It’s the one they play in the movie Elf with Will Ferrell? He just arrives in NYC and is having a little bit of culture shock, lol, eating all the gum off the railing and almost getting hit by taxis. That song is playing the whole montage, it’s a great one!

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