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Please Tell My Story

Fandango’s FOWC is forthright, the Word of the Day Challenge is noodle, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are truck, skin, library , and Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Prompt is the photo below.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Willy woke up in a forthright state of mind and thought, “Today is the day I begin research on my book!” He’d had strange dream the night before about a solid-looking fellow in a blue coat and hat, leaning on a half-door. The fellow spoke to Willy without words, saying, “I’m ready for my story to be told, and don’t leave out any details!” Willy was clueless as to what it meant other than it was a clear message to get started.

Willie jumped in the shower and scrubbed his skin briskly, as later in the dream he remembered walking around in a small dingy workshop full of old cans of paint and kerosene.

As it was close to noon by the time Willie was ready to leave for the library, he prepared himself a bowl of Kimchi Bowl Noodle and a hot cup of coffee for lunch. After eating the noodles he had a delicious cinnamon roll from the batch he’d made the night before.

Willie was distracted on his truck ride to the small local branch of the library he used. What would he write about and when he chose a subject he thought about the research materials and wondered how much of the material would be available at his branch or able to be ordered through inter-library loan. Willie parked the car and started walking the block to his destination. He had to walk past the art museum to get there. Looking up he saw a huge banner affixed to the side of the museum that took him aback. It was an identical portrait of the man and his paint workshop!

The banner said, “Captain Jack Daniels Exhibit: The Pirate and His Paintings, from May 1 to May 31.” Willie bee-lined it into the museum and asked the docent which gallery Captain Jack’s exhibit was showing in. The docent walked Willie back to the main upper gallery, then left. Willie walked up to the portrait of which the banner was a reproduction of and stood eye to eye with Captain Jack. As he stared into Captain Jack’s eyes, the portrait’s eyes came to life and began to twinkle. Willie heard a loud boisterous laugh that echoed upon the gallery walls as Captain Jack boomed loudly, “Like I said, don’t leave out any details!”

Willie didn’t know whether to be terrified or exhilirated, but in either case it made him more determined than ever to write the book, and now he had the perfect subject. He learned a lot by studying Captain Jack’s paintings at the exhibit.  He also learned a lot  from the book at the library that was on sale about Captain Jack, which included a rich index and bibliography. It took Willie ten years of research that involved visiting several archives across the world before his book was completed. Willie made sure in the prologue to talk about how his book got started.

The day Willie’s book, The Chronicles of Captain Jack Daniels: Pirate and Painter, hit the NY Times bestseller list, Captain Jack visited Willie again that night in his dream and said, “You did good. You make this old man feel real proud. I’m glad my story is now known to the world.”

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