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dVerse — 3 cinquains — Jung’s iceberg

jungs iceberg

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Merril is the host of dVerse today. Merril says:

For this poetics prompt, I want you to write a poem about theory or theories–how we make sense of the natural world, our bodies, space, or whatever. You can write in general terms or you can write about a specific theory, even something that’s been debunked, such as phrenology. Alternately, you can simply write a poem using the word “theory.” I’m eager to see what the dVerse poets come up with.

I chose to write a series of three cinquain form poems, which lay out C.G. Jung’s theory on the three levels that interact dynamically with each other in our minds. It is such a vast topic that I chose a format that forced me to be as concise as possible. The three levels, in case it isn’t clear by the poems, are consciousness (field of awareness), personal unconsciousness, and collective unconsciousness.

Jung’s Iceberg

Awake, aware
Ego-based behaviors
Confident control of one’s life

Beneath the surface
Unknown ego rejects
Influenced by a mystery

Psy Soup
A reservoir
Instincts, archetypes rise
Innate, vital feeling of growth


To tie them together:

Night Owl

Feathered courier
Tireless traveler each night
Between the three realms.

night owl watercolor

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44 thoughts on “dVerse — 3 cinquains — Jung’s iceberg

  1. Glad you can see that 🙂 I took a Jungian dream class in the fall and the next sessions start tomorrow! I can’t wait. I’ve been listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Mother Night lectures in preparation.

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  2. Thank you, Merril, for the feedback. Jung and the collective unconscious and how to tap into it through dreams is a field of study I’m engaged in right now, so putting them together reinforced it for me.

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  3. You’ve taken this prompt seriously and created an intricate poem, Jade, which has blown my mind! I like the title, which illustrates the meaning. I really like ‘Psy Soup’ which you also call ‘Moonshine’! I love the haiku with the night owl flitting between the realms – the stuff of dreams!

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  4. I just started the next set of dream classes today, taught by a PhD level with 30 years of being a therapist who is also a Jungian. The lady is a real interesting person. She lent me CPEstes’ Mother Night series of lectures. CPE is my idol and this lady is a close second.

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  5. Yes it does. The dream class (part 2) started yesterday so you’ll probably be seeing more iceberg themes in my poems in the next weeks…


  6. FABULOUS! Having traveled to Antarctica, I saw the massive blueish icebergs in the ocean…and then to learn that we were literally seeing the “tip of the iceberg”….I now understand where that phrase comes from. The largest mass of the iceberg is unseen and under the water. So your post here is so very on point.
    And the final haikus is perfect!
    Really enjoyed your post.

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