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Coloring Club Plus — 5/14/19

May 15

May 15a

I borrowed 3, count ’em, 3, Peter Gabriel CDs from the L today. The first one I listened to was “Up.” None of the songs were familiar to me. I chose, “The Barry Williams Show” as it really cuts to the bone and reminds me of a lot of reality TV shows. The very first one of this kind that I can remember is The Jerry Springer Show, which started in 1991 and continued to June 2018, for a total of 4,000 episodes and 27 seasons! That’s a lot of human misery! I remember when it first came on, it was in the middle of the night. I admit that I loved it, especially when they duked it out. After some lawsuits, they toned it way down.

Up was recorded in April of 1995 to October of 1998, but it was not released until September of 2002. Up is the seventh studio and 13th album overall released by the English rock musician Peter Gabriel. It is his last full-length studio album of new original material to date, as the subsequent albums Scratch My Back and New Blood feature covers of other artists’ songs and orchestral renderings of Gabriel’s older material, respectively.

Other tidbits from

Barry Williams is an actor who played Greg Brady on the popular ’70s TV show The Brady Bunch. This song deals with “trash TV” – mostly talk shows such as Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, etc.

This song was not originally meant to reference the Brady Bunch actor Barry Williams. Gabriel reportedly wanted a plain ordinary sounding name for the title. He stated in several interviews that he never watched The Brady Bunch or knew there was an American actor with that name. Yet, Barry Williams (the actor) does appear briefly in the song’s video at the beginning as a member of the talk show audience.

Sean Penn directed the music video for this song.

The Barry Williams Show

One man at the window
One girl at the bar
Saw that look of recognition
When they know just who you are
I seen you on the tv
I seen you on that show
You make the people crazy
And then you let them go

Before the show we calm them
We sympathize, we care
And the hostile folk we keep apart
‘Til the red light says on air’
Did you see our leather lovers
All tied up to the chair
Did you catch those child molesters
No one else goes there

What a show, the Barry Williams Show
What a show,
Dysfunctional excess
Is all it took for my success
The greater pain that they endure
The more you know the show will score
It’s showtime

Got the reputation of a surgeon
Cos they cannot feel the cut
It looks so very simple
But it really is an art
They call our studio ‘the hospital’
Making money from the sick
We let people be themselves
There is no other trick

‘My lover stole my girlfriend’
‘I keep beating up my ex’
‘I want to kill my neighbor’
‘My daughter’s selling sex’
‘My s/m lover hurt me’
‘My girl became a man’
‘I love my daughter’s rapist’
‘My life’s gone down the pan’

What a show, the Barry Williams show
The Barry Williams show
Dysfunctional excess
Is all it took for my success
And when the punches start to fly
The ratings always read so high
It’s showtime

That girl has got no scruples!
Not a wrinkle on her face
You would not believe the plot she conceived
So they’d let her take my place
Well, no man is an island
No man is a sea
But this display of emotion
Is all but drowning me

What a show, oh what a show
On my show, The Barry Williams Show
It’s my show
What a show
Dysfunctional excess
Is all it took for my success

The best tv you’ve ever seen
Where people say the things that they really mean
I hear my name, I hear them roar
For the one more time I take the floor
Just one more Barry Williams Show
We’re gonna take you where you want to go
It’s showtime

It’s showtime

Come on down
Come on down

Songwriters: Peter Gabriel

10 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 5/14/19

  1. Talk shows aren’t programs I enjoy because of the absurd or disturbing topics. It’s hard to imagine anyone getting into this stuff but they do. You know I’ve seen Barry Williams in other programs and I kept thinking, ‘He looks familiar, what do I know him from?” Not once did The Brady Bunch come to mind. lol When I think of Peter Gabriel, I think of his song ‘Sledgehammer’ from 1984. Today’s song feature is new2me. Interesting post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The guy who plays him in the video is not Barry Williams, he’s an actor (not Barry). I watched Jerry way back when they duked it out and I found it entertaining, but after awhile it was just sad. Nowadays they are reaching to find any story. Glad you found the post interesting!


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