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Coloring Club Plus — 5/15/19

May 15

May 15a

Plus bonus picture.  I saw M’lady looking so cute today, sitting by the lily plant.

mlady by lily

Library borrow 2-disc set, called, “Smooth Soul: Piece of My Heart. I found out that Piece of My Heart is one disc in a Time-Life 10-CD collection. Twenty-nine songs total in these 2, so many of them well-known. The one that really captured my attention is the last song on the 2nd CD, called, “Are you Lonely for me [Baby],” by Freddie Scott. “Are You Lonely for Me” was written and produced by Bert Berns (aka Bert Russell). The single was Scott’s highest charting single on the R&B chart, hitting the number-one spot for four weeks, in early 1967. The song’s back up vocals were performed by Cissy Houston and the Sweet Inspirations.

Freddie Scott (4/24/33 – 6/4/07) was an American soul singer and songwriter. His biggest hits were “Hey, Girl“,  a top ten US pop hit in 1963, and “Are You Lonely For Me”, a no.1 hit on the R&B chart in early 1967. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and sang in his grandmother’s gospel group, Sally Jones & the Gospel Keyes, touring England with them at the age of 12. He studied medicine at the University of Rhode Island and then at Paine College in Augusta, Georgia, but began singing again with the Swanee Quintet Juniors, and gave up his medical career.

In 1956 he recorded as a secular singer with the J&S label in New York City, releasing his first solo single “Running Home”. He also wrote the top 10 R&B hit “I’ll Be Spinning” for the label’s duo, Johnnie & Joe, and his song “Baby I’m Sorry” was recorded by Ricky Nelson for his 1957 debut album Ricky. He was then called up to serve in Korea, but continued to record for small labels with little success. After leaving the military, he turned to songwriting, joining the Aldon Music publishing company set up by Al Nevins and Don Kirshner in the Brill Building, where he recorded many of his own demos and also worked as a producer with Erma Franklin. He also continued to release his own records, including “Baby, You’re a Long Time Dead” for Joy Records (New York) in 1961.

Are you lonely for me, baby?  (Yes I am.)
Are you lonely for me, baby?  (Comin’ home baby.)

It’s the last train to Jacksonville
I’m gonna get on it, baby, you know I will
Will you try? Come on and try
To forget all the pain I brought you

Go on and cry, go ahead and cry, baby
I know that I’m the one, who taught you,

To be lonely, baby
lonely and blue
I’m lonely, baby
I’m lonely for you

Are you lonely for me, baby?  (Yes I am)
Are you lonely for me, baby?

It’s my last buck to Jacksonville
Are you my sweet baby, are you still?
Tell your friend it’s the end
I will never again desert you

He will laugh
I can hear him laughing, baby
He’ll say I was born to hurt you
Oh I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry and blue

Hey, I’m lonely, baby
And I’m lonely for you,

Are you lonely for me, baby?  (Hold on baby x 2)
Are you lonely for me, baby? (I’m comin home x 3)
Are you lonely, lonely for me

It’s a long ride to Jacksonville
No one will ever know the way I feel
Will you be there, will you be there?
When I,  when I get off that train, girl?

You see you gotta be there you gotta be there
I just got to see you again girl
Because I’m lonely baby, lonely and blue
I’m lonely baby, lonely for you

Yes, I’m comin home x many times

Songwriters: Bert Berns

13 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 5/15/19

    1. You are welcome. Best “new” song I’ve heard in awhile. You would probably like the whole 10 cd set. I saw it for sale on ebay with a songlist and there are so many good tunes in it.

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