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dVerse — Saturn’s Dragon, Earth Dog

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I, Yellow Dragon, forged from Saturn, brought to Earth as an egg, retain my spirit in the heart of a dog. Content to find myself between seasons, directions, elements, and male-female aspects, I’m in the center, and part of all. I jump upon strangers with anxiety but also lick the face of a child crying at the park. My spirit is young and I’m ready to accompany any hero on a journey. Walking beside you, brave warrior, I’ll never leave your side until your hero’s work is done. Resting, I quietly return to the center hearth to conserve energy and peace of mind until the next hero’s journey. Remaining nameless, my name is not what I will be remembered by.

First summer’s Saturn
brought me to serve heroes —
resting in the center.


Amaya is the host of dVerse today.  Amaya says:
Depending on your birth year, month, lunar month, or day, …systems attribute a dominant element to that time frame. Explore one or more of the above systems and then write a poem about or tangential to your element. You may also want to write a poem about the dance (or war) among all the elements as you view them within you (or without you.)

Based on the Chinese Five Element Theory link that Amaya included, the attributes in the above haibun (?) are a distillation of my Yang Earth Dog, created by Saturn, with the spirit of a yellow dragon.

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37 thoughts on “dVerse — Saturn’s Dragon, Earth Dog

    1. Thanks Rob 🙂 There was a lot of information to pare down. I skipped the parts where the dog was the 11th of the 12 formed critters because the dog played too much along the way. Also, dogs were thought to have brought the seeds that started human agriculture! Who knew! 😉


  1. Whoa, the repetition of the “hero” makes me think. And definitely think about the infamous dog/human relationship more. I mean, it’s sad funny to picture dogs viewing us all as heroes, for how many problems humanity has dug itself (and not just a nice spot in the backyard for bones.)

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    1. As I was reading through the material, ironically, it was often the dogs who intervened to save the hero from a situation. It was interesting to read about the attributes that are given to people based on exact moment of birth. I wonder if reincarnation ties into it at all?


  2. I love that you wrote this as a haibun, Jade, and that you are a ‘Yellow Dragon, forged from Saturn, brought to Earth as an egg’. This line made me smile: ‘I jump upon strangers with anxiety but also lick the face of a child crying at the park’, and I like the way the haiku sums it all up.

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    1. Yep, no wonder 😉 Who knows. Whether you straightline religion, have intricate beliefs, or have your own unique brand of believing, nobody really knows. Like John Lennon said, “Whatever gets you through the night. It’s alright.”

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    1. Yes it is! All of this was taken from my readings. What was said is that the dogs help out the humans but are never named. They just say the dog. They also have festivals for dogs that committed heroic deeds.

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  3. Oh dear, Yellow Dragon, brought to earth as an egg with your spirit in a dog …. sounds as if determining your identity could be challenging, but walking with heroes sounds exciting. I admit to being a skeptic, but often the words of a horoscope are uncommonly spot on!

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