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dVerse — To market, to market! — blitz poem

farmers market2

Farmers Market by SUREN NERSISYAN

Hub for Passion
at the market
at the hub
hub of resources
hub of activity
activity of sell
activity of buy
buy fruits
buy vegetables
vegetables fresh
vegetables healthy
healthy grown
healthy eaten
eaten fresh
eaten sweet
sweet peas
sweet strawberries
strawberry cartons
strawberry plants
plants grow flowers
plants grow produce
produce is wealth
produce is health
health for community
health for consumers
consumers choose
consumers buy
buy foods
buy novelties
novelties like wine
novelties like candles
candles from beeswax
candles with scents
scents fill the market
scents bring the market to life
life creates
life sustains
sustains hubs of growing
sustains community sharing
sharing products
sharing good practices
practices that support
practices that value
value local farmers
value local artisans
artisans and their skills
artisans and their passion
passion for nature’s bounty
passion for sense of community

Sarah is the host for dVerse today. Sarah has asked us to write a poem about the experience of visiting a market.

Today’s poem is in blitz form, as I think it gives a sense of activity and can cover a lot of description in it, both of which are needed for the market experience.

farmers market

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43 thoughts on “dVerse — To market, to market! — blitz poem

    1. It’s funny you should describe it that way, Grace, as it is how I feel when I go to the market on the busy days. It’s too much. I prefer going on the slower days.


    1. Hi Sabio, long time no see. Nice to see you again. When you say the illusion of community, do you think that market-goers aren’t a community? I tend to think that those who choose to shop at the fresh food market are.


  1. The blitz poem is a new form for me, Jade, which Iโ€™d like to try some time when Iโ€™m back writing full-time again. Itโ€™s evocative and busy and I like the repetition and pace. I especially enjoyed the sweet peas and strawberries, and the candles!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Kim, yes it is a fun form. In the case of this one I was thinking market as I wrote it, but another fun way to do it is pick any simple phrase for the first line, then let it wander where it will.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Jade! Very wonderful work! Honest expression shared openly. I am having an existential crisis tonight. I invite you to come visit me, cross my bridge of dreams, and listen to Joni sing like an angel!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Thank you for the invitation on the bridge of dreams. Just read it and commented on your profound poem. And yes, Joni’s accompaniment on the bridge walk is perfect.


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