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Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

You orbit me like the planets orbit the sun. Always there, always circling. I feel suffocated!,” Ginger said as she put the finishing touches on her alluring witch outfit. Despite what she said, a smile played about her lips, as Ginger would have it no other way. She loved being watched and adored.

Chad listened without comment, enthralled to be able to watch his dream woman, Ginger, prepare for the biggest party of the season. He didn’t care what Ginger said , as he knew what she needed, and that was to be adored. As long as he could watch her cat-like body move around, he was a happy man. Chad sipped his Mango Margarita and was lost in the fantasy of what he hoped he was going to be allowed to do to Ginger later.

I don’t know how you can stand drinking those Mango Margarita’s Chad. I dislike them immensely,” Ginger said as she watched him in the mirror watching her putting her ruby red lipstick on.

Just call me fruity, Ginger, but they taste so good,” responded Chad, thinking she could have said a lot worse to him. Getting lucky tonight would be so nice.

What time does the party start?,” asked Ginger, for the third time in an hour. The annual Halloween party was 30 miles out into the wilderness. There was a big line-up of good bands that liked to play loud, so they chose a place beyond earshot of complaining neighbors and police harassment. The costume party was the best in the region and offered substantial monetary prizes for first and second place in each category.

Nine, my sweet. It’s 8:30 now and it will take at least a half hour to get there,” Chad said. He didn’t care if they were hours late, as long as he could watch his beautiful cat woman in her witches’ outfit.

The costume catwalk starts at 10 and I want to circulate a bit before then. Ten more minutes and I’ll be ready.”

Ginger put on her hat with the cat ears and assessed how sexy they looked. She pulled on the long black gloves with red fake pointed fingernails protruding from the ends. Perfect! She thought how lucky she was to find these at the blue movie theater gift shop. She knew she was going to win first prize for best sexy costume.

The last piece of Ginger’s costume was the pillow-filled panties that gave her butt just the right perky softness that drove her sexiness home. As Ginger worked out all of the time, her backside was just a little too trim to look as good as it could. These pillow panties had helped her win contests before. She was counting on winning the prize money of $1,000, which would keep her supplied with botox injections for at least six months.

OK, go pull the car up front, Chad. Your sexy diva is ready!”

Chad pulled the Maserati up to the front door and out sauntered the sexiest Cat Woman Witch this side of Las Vegas. Chad opened her door for her and she snuggled right into the bucket seat as if it was made for her. Chad pulled out of the driveway and soon they were doing 90 on the desert highway.

The End.

Fandango’s FOWC is orbit, the Word of the Day Challenge is dislike, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are witch, pillow, margarita, and Paula’s Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompts are a story with a Halloween theme and the photo.





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