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Twittering Tales #140 – 11 June 2019 — Be gone!


Photo by nahidhatamiz at Pixabay.com

Be Gone!
Joe stood outside Witch Em’s hut with a bouquet of flowers each morn as Em let her cat out. He promised daily flowers until she agreed to marry him. On day 1, Em was irritated at the intrusion and told Joe to leave. On day 30, she flung her arm and said, “Be gone, bird brain!”
[280 characters]


Kat is the host of Twittering Tales.  Kat says:
I like a good ghost story…do tell, or maybe your tale is about ravens or sunflowers…or black dresses and has nothing at all to do with ghosts. Whatever you see here, just try to keep your character count under 280 characters or less. I’ll see you at the Roundup next week! Have fun! 🙂







22 thoughts on “Twittering Tales #140 – 11 June 2019 — Be gone!

      1. For what it’s worth, I think your best writing is when you are limited like that, like with your poems. And that may be true for everyone because the limitations force us to choose our words more carefully. I once did a blog where each post was based on one graphic and 50 words. That was it. It really forced me to consider my words and sentences very carefully. (Often painfully so!)

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  1. Loved the story. Did Joe bring sunflowers every day? Aren’t sunflowers wild, as in not expensive? Must be the thought that counts.
    Are people who give flowers by definition “stalkers?”

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    1. I’m not sure if he brought the same kind. You can get sunflowers at the florist, but maybe only certain varieties? I would consider a person doing what Joe was doing as stalking, which is taking a “normal” gesture to the extreme.


  2. Hey… I have a stupid question. I’ve talked to you forever but…I think your name is Linda…but I’ve seen you call another person Linda but I was afraid to say it and be wrong…is your name Linda?

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