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dVerse — Poetics on Climate Crisis — Prisoner of War

WARNING:  This one is dark.  If dark bothers you, please skip, ok?


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Strung up, suspended by cosmic cords of evil, Mother Gaia hangs upside down
Ankles raw oozing wounds where human maggots feast
Bore 16 affixed in her jugular, draining, draining
Her tender frame, ever-shaved, sour sweat sizzling under Sol’s gaze
Mouth apparatus keeps hers gaped, where dioxins,
organophosphates, and frackchum is poured in.
Nanobots misted into her eyes that cross the bloodbrain barrier
and rewire her synapses
Confused, is Spring Spring? What’s Spring anyway?
She trembles and cities crumble.  Her rancid boils decimate forests.
Dehydration sinkholes swallow regions. Lungs seared by acetone smog
Heave, spew, heave, spew, laboring under her skinned brainstem
Eyes wired open, *Clockwork Orangish, her Beethoven but to serve life,
Forced to watch her own demise, manages two last tears, which are
Instantly lapped up by Orange Hydra as he scowls and tweets.



*A Clockwork Orange is a novel by Anthony Burgess and a film directed by Stanley Kubrick

Anmol (alias HA) is the host of dVerse today.  Anmol says:
[T]he theme this week is all about the ongoing climate crisis. You can go about in different ways, by focusing on the devastation that you see around or the human/sociological impact of the same and you can talk about forests, rivers and other resources or perhaps about corporate greed and continuing exploitation of our planet. You can pick up the associations of the climate crisis with the economy or migration as well. It is up to you to address the issue in any manner that speaks to you or that you think requires further prodding and discourse.


24 thoughts on “dVerse — Poetics on Climate Crisis — Prisoner of War

  1. The darker the better. This not a prompt for the timid, not a project for a fraud. The Nay-sayers shape shift into lemming, and they rush toward the cliffs like rabid blind rodents. I keep saying this, but this is one of your best efforts; rife with techno or nonsense words that dazzle and puzzle.

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    1. Glenn I feel your resonance and appreciate your response which is a poem in and of itself. Rabid lemmings indeed. Pandora’s box is full of this, best to let it out a bit at a time.


  2. I knew I could count on you for some scathing truth in this one Lisa – and you did not disappoint. Brilliant vision of Gaia as a prisoner being brutalized – and so fucking right on that it saddens and angers me. Excellent write!

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  3. OH! You said it like it is — the torture, the exploitation, the ignominy of this human race — in such striking images, that even though it hurts to look at it, you can’t dare look away.
    This is amazing — it’s definitely one of my favourites by you.

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  4. You pull no punches telling us what kind of antimycorrhizeal crap we are pouring into our Mother–e “dioxins, organophosphates, and frackchum” oh my! Every part of Her body violated, forced, a la that droogie Alex in “A Clockwork Orange” to view full frontal human ultraviolence — but it’s we who are watching, right, and getting a dose of our true medicine. Well done, great response to the challenge.

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  5. Oh my goodness, Jade! ‘cosmic cords of evil’ and ‘human maggots’ are powerful images to start with, and it just gets scarier. The lines that stand out for me, that make me shiver, are:
    ‘She trembles and cities crumble. Her rancid boils decimate forests.
    Dehydration sinkholes swallow regions. Lungs seared by acetone smog
    Heave, spew, heave, spew, laboring under her skinned brainstem’.
    Let’s hope that tweeting, scowling Orange Hydra gets his come-uppance very soon.

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