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Monday Doodads — more yard pics

Don’t think I’m ungrateful.  These giant beautiful lily blossoms are to be enjoyed and appreciated.  They are so fragrant!  I saw a hummingbird moth at them for at least a few minutes yesterday.  What is troubling is that this was supposed to be a 20-bulb VARIETY pack, with each variety chosen by color and name.  All I see are identical pink blossoms.  There is a large bud on the far left from another plant that looks like it might be different.  If they all turn out this pink, I’m due a credit or refund from the company I got them from.

lilies 072919

It’s difficult to show the scale here, but this is ONE tomato plant of the two I bought from the store.  You can see part of the second one in the upper left corner.  These are growing on the dirt hill on my driveway that I turned into a hill garden of sorts.


A very nice bell pepper is growing on one of the two plants I bought from the store, also on the dirt hill.


Yellow squash is doing nicely.  We need rain!  It’s bone dry here.


Tomatoes growing on one of the two big plants from the store, growing on the dirt hill.


This is the first picture of the tomato plants I grew from seed from the library’s seed bank.  I was given 6 or 7 (stingy mugs!) seeds and 4 plants from them.  The rabbits keep nibbling the pepper plants I started from seed and not sure how they are getting around the fencing (under?)  Rabbits haven’t touched the pepper plants on the dirt hill.  These tomatoes are full of blossoms and a few small tomatoes.


The birthday basket of petunias and verbena (yes, it needs deadheading).


The rhubarb plant has taken off nicely.


Nature’s beauty of design.


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