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Friday Evening Doodads — yard update

It’s time I did another update on the yard.  Remember when I was complaining that all of the Asiatic lily variety pack were the same (beautiful) shade of pink?  Well those ones were the early birds and have come and gone.  Right now some of all of the rest are open, and oh my goodness what a calling card their aroma is for the butterfly moths and hummingbirds.  Voila!



A video I took today, which highlights the lilies but also has echinacea, the monstrous tomato plants, the bell pepper plants, and a couple of sunflowers.

And to wrap things up, here’s a video I took within the last week, of a curious little critter called a hummingbird moth that is visiting my Mother’s Day petunia basket.  They move pretty fast for the camera but you should be able to make this one out.



37 thoughts on “Friday Evening Doodads — yard update

          1. right now its hazy due to the open burning in Indonesia and the winds carry the ash across the Straits. we just had some glorious rain! hope it clears the air. cooler nights must be so welcomed!

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            1. That can’t be a fun thing, to put up with pollution that drifts over. One of the “big” (not that big but bigger than us) cities up river keeps building skyscrapers but has no apparent interest in renovating its antiquated sewer and drain systems. This means every time it rains the raw sewage overflows into the river and then comes downstream and empties into Lake Michigan. What ever happened to being a good neighbor? I hope the rain clears your air soon there, and autumn holds off a little longer here…

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              1. ughh that sounds like a huge problem that may get even bigger! i have been to some parts of the Great Lakes, what a shame about the pollution that is unchecked. sadly the burning of farmland in preparation of the next planting season coincides with the wind pattern change.

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    1. Yes, amazingly vivid aren’t they! I saw one at my brother’s house a few years back and they told me what it was. A few weeks later I saw one out on the boardwalk by the the channel. Not long after that went to GR to see some kids I had in residential treatment and they were all over the campus there. Amazing little critters, how they mimic hummingbirds — or maybe the hummingbirds mimick them?

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      1. They are vivid and look awwesome.

        We had either a hummingbird or a hummingbird moth trapped on our screened in back porch… thinking back it was tiny and we kept opening the door trying to get him out…. it might have been the moth and not a hummingbird…

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                1. I heard the “chirp”ing in the back hall where shelves and closets are and Mlady was sitting just outside of them so I knew something was up. Later, when I heard the chirp again, I put Mlady in a closed room, then opened the back door. The side hall is a straight shot to the back door. Started hitting on the shelves and the little critter scampered down the hall and right out the door. It couldn’t have been any more streamlined!

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                  1. Glad you got it out. They are always frightened to death but you gotta get them out. That was a graceful exit.

                    It was a circus with the squirrel… It was jumping up, Jennifer was running amuck and Molly…she was bouncing into chairs trying to catch the thing…I opened up the door and Molly finally got it out.

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