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#MM — Tale Weaver, FOWC, WOTD, 3TC — Photographer Origin Story


I’ve been a photographer since I could see. What I mean by that is that my eyes are cameras. My eyes have always been keen and have seen things in a way that is different than many. As a small child, I spent endless hours watching life in flora and fauna go about its business, usually paying no attention to my still form watching.

When I grew older I learned what a camera was, and it wasn’t long before my parents bought me my very first one. My perspective was expanded with the camera’s eye. My parents didn’t pay much attention to my pictures, as they were busy and were glad the photography was keeping me busy. It didn’t matter if the photos were good or not, only that they were authentic in their perspective. The idea of a contrived photo never entered my mind at 16 years old.

High school passed and community college began. I got a job at a nearby camera shop and became roommates with another girl in an artist’s loft on Begonia Court. We lived on the third floor which was the top floor, set between two Victorian homes with meticulously manicured lawns and gardens.

It was the fortuitous placement of the loft that got me interested in more cultivated shots of flowers. I loved sitting on the balcony of our loft in my sweatpants and taking shots of the back yards of my neighbors. I got a great discount on camera supplies as an employee and had an excellent telefoto lens. Within a month, I had two series’ worth of each yard. Once I developed them, I arranged them in portfolios, then went knocking on my neighbors’ doors.

In the house to the left (as looking out from our balcony) was a middle-aged realtor named Rita. Rita was overjoyed to see the photos of her back yard, which was her pride and joy. Rita asked me if I’d be interested in taking some photos of her in her garden to go with the rest. I was not used to taking pictures of people, but it made sense to show the gardener who had put together the symphony of flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. We set a photo shoot date.

In the house to the right lived a couple in their 80s. They also were delighted at the photos and wondered if they could have a portfolio made for them and were willing to pay. They also wanted shots of themselves in the garden. We set a date.

Not only did I make $1,000 between my two neighbors for the photos, I was able to arrange an exhibit at the little gallery down the street and sold a couple hundred dollars’ worth of prints. It struck me that by taking my passion and a little initiative, I was able to begin my business. That was 30 years ago, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

The End.

Fandango’s FOWC is authentic, the Word of the Day Challenge is endless, and Paula’s 3 Challenge words are sweatpants, court, begonia

Michael is the host of Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Tale Weaver.  Michael says:
This week consider the notion of what we see over our back fences. If you live in a apartment on the upper floors your back fence might be the boundary of your place.  Write about your back fence or boundary.  It can be specific, it can be metaphorical, or you make up what you’d like to see over your back fence.

As I know there are an amazing number of good photographers out here in Word Press Land, I thought this might be a fun subject to write about.  I love taking photos also, so it is a fantasy origin story for myself as well.


27 thoughts on “#MM — Tale Weaver, FOWC, WOTD, 3TC — Photographer Origin Story

    1. Marleen, thank you. Yes, it is. The nights are getting cooler. Hey, I have a question for you. Do you have a blog? I’ve tried clicking on your name and it doesn’t take me anywhere.


  1. I love the top layer leave picture. That is a talent I never had…what some people don’t get…it’s more than pointing and shooting. When you do something you love it’s not working…you are really good Lisa.

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    1. Max, thank you much for your comment. It’s amazing how good cell phones are these days. I need to pull out my real camera again — but I hate having to keep putting new batteries in it! They need to make a camera with a rechargeable battery.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They do take good pictures. It is so much more convenient using a phone now. That is odd that they don’t make rechargeable ones.

        You can guess this from me… I like the look of different era’s photography and film…each decade had it’s own look…the sixties had that long up and down look on film and the seventies had the Polaroid look in photography.

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  2. I am also an armature photographer… I like close ups of flowers and plants.
    I actually won an honorable mention in a photo contest that featured ice – where I was living at the time didn’t have that much snow or ice during the winters, so when we did have such in the weather a contest came up.

    I haven’t gotten any money for my photos. But I did use some of them to make creating cards that I gave to a friend. Too many creative avenues for us creatives, eh?

    Keep ‘shooting’ 😉

    Oh… I actually was gifted a digital camera with a rechargeable battery. But you have to keep the battery out of the camera when you aren’t using it. Which kind of is a pain as the camera isn’t quite ready when you are. But it is better than the other cameras that I have… or should be since it is a newer model. 🙂

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  3. I don’t have a blog, Lisa, no. Therefore, for one thing, I can’t click the “like” star anywhere. A couple of the blogs I most visited in recent years were not interested in “likes” anyway, preferring comments. I know you didn’t ask about liking. And, of course, clicking on my name goes nowhere, as you said. It’s actually only in the last couple years that I realized clicking on someone’s name could take me to many other blogs. My online history is that I first posted at a forum where all members could create headings; that was like fourteen years ago. I think that site is completely down now. From there, I met someone who I still “know” (across the world online). From there, I got to know yet another someone else’s blogging habits (which got a bit frustrating due to politics); at that person’s site, I traveled via pingback one day to “hang out” with someone of the non-Trump-tolerance type… from whence you have now met me (in the anonymous sense).👍

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    1. Thanks Marleen I appreciate the explanation. I just wonder technically how it is possible to comment without a blog? I enjoy your comments and was set to follow your blog.


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