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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #100 — Infinity Plus One

In years gone by
when my sons were young
we’d tell each other
I love you infinity plus one

I remember when they were teens
I’d come home from work to find
Notes with doodles, places, times
saying where they’d be

Now that they’re men out on their own
In another city, they text and they phone
I cherish the time we had when they were young
When they said, “Mom, I love you infinity plus one.”




Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge, which has reached its 100th Week!  Way to go, Reena.  Lots of wonderful prompts along the way, which have generated so many creative and memorable responses from the talented writers who respond to them.  This week Reena says:

The limitation this week is 100 words, though there is no restriction on the format. It can be prose, poetry, essay, reflections, reminiscences, anecdotes or anything you deem worth sharing.  What does [the] image invoke in you?

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