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Salsa Mexicana Cocida

I decided to try one of Irene’s delicious recipes.  Irene’s blog is My Slice of Mexico.  The recipe I chose to make is Salsa Mexicana Cocida.  I had about a dozen ripened and ripening tomatoes from the two plants that are off-the-charts prolific with large flavorful fruit.  (The other plants I started from seed from the seed bank have yet to see a red one.) Unless I wanted to haul all of the canning equipment in from the garage, I had to make something from them.

For anyone who likes tomatoes, this photo is probably making you drool:


A close-up of these GORGEOUS luscious beauties.  As you can see they aren’t crammed full of seeds either.  The flavor is SO much better than anything you can find at the grocery store (except organic ones).


This is the salsa, hot off of the stovetop.


It has since cooled off and I ate some warm salsa with tortilla chips.  This salsa is delicious and so easy to make.  Thank you, Irene, for this and your many other recipes!

26 thoughts on “Salsa Mexicana Cocida

      1. WOW! That’s so awesome!
        HaaHaa , Those bloody weeds. I have the same problem. I’ve started growing mint. So far it blocks out most of the weeds where I’ve planted it AND its useful. Not that I use it much but it just feels better than weeds,lol

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  1. Wow, those tomatoes sure look great! Thank you so much both for trying my recipe and for sharing your results, MsJadeLi! it really makes my day to learn that my recipes are helpful. Let me know if you figured out the freezing part; I think the best way to preserve this sauce is canning, though you would have to fetch that equipment from the garage after all. Eating that sauce warm is a real pleasure, isn’t it?

    To JIm@newepicauthor: I will work on your onion-less request soon, stay tuned …

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    1. I need to find the tag on those tomatoes because they are so good every step of the way, from growth to cooking to taste. Thanks again for your recipe 🙂 I just put the extra in zip lok bags and hoping they thaw out ok, but after reading what you said maybe they won’t. With all of the ones still on the vines I will be bringing my canner equipment and jars in. Yes, eating the sauce warm was wonderful!

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