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#FF — Reunion


How did you find us, brother?,” asked Araba.

Mother hid a family photo in my pack, which I have protected all of these years,” said Kwaku, as he pulled out a dog-eared photo. It was of all six of them, with their names, their city, and a date.

The quadruplets went to their parents’ home. Mother’s puffy red eyes swept theirs and stopped at Kwamu. Crying out, “My son!”

She and Kwaku clung to each other and wept with joy.

Boss Kobby promised to teach you a trade. The photo was given to remember and to return some day.”

The End.

Today’s flash fiction concludes a three-part story. The first part of the story (posted two weeks ago) is found here. The second part (last week’s) of the story is here.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the host with the most of Friday Fictioneers.

53 thoughts on “#FF — Reunion

    1. As far as I know. If I had more chapters, I was thinking of putting a twist in there, where the photo was taken away from their brother and he was an imposter, but I didn’t want to keep it going, so I gave it a happy ending that he is their brother 🙂

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