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Coloring Club Plus — 9/11/19

Sept 11

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers featuring Edie Brickell LIVE was released March 11, 2014. In the 2-disc set is one of music and the other a video of the live performance. I listened to the album tonight and will be watching the video soon and possibly updating the post after watching it.

The Steep Canyon Rangers personnel:
Woody Platt – acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Graham Sharp – banjo, lead/harmony vocals
Mike Guggino – mandolin, harmony vocals
Nicky Sanders – fiddle, vocals
Mike Ashworth – box kit, cajón, vocals
Barrett Smith – upright bass

The music is hopping bluegrass, with a creative and interesting variety of song subjects. Various people sing, sometimes alone, sometimes as a group. When the group sings, there’s wonderful harmony going on.

The song I chose from the 19 tunes is, “Sarah Jane and the Iron Mountain Baby” as much for the story it tells as the music.

Thrown off the bridge
To the river by the ridge
Was the iron mountain baby

A man walking by
Said he heard a little cry
And he found him in a suitcase

Fifty feet down from the train to the ground
It’s a miracle that he survived
What are the chances that a man would be standin’ there
And take him home to his wife

Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane
Be a mama to the boy from the train

Five days old with a hand that could hold in a grip around your finger
Old Sarah Jane no she never did complain ’cause she loved the little

She brought him back to health
And she kept him for herself
When some women tried to claim him

“If you’d been a good mama then you never would’ve wanna
Gone and thrown him off of the train then

Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane
Be a mama to the boy from the train

Woo oo baby!
Woo oo you’re my baby now!

A picture in the paper
Showed the baby like an angel
With the savior and the suitcase

What kind of devil
Could have thrown the little fellow
Off the train in the first place

His mama musta died givin’ birth to the child and the daddy went crazy
Got on the train with a heart full of pain and took it out on the baby

Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane
Be a mama to the boy from the train

Woo oo baby!
Woo oo you’re my baby now!

A Civil War vet went to see if he could get a bit of timber for a new barn
The number 4 sped from the train overhead came the itty bitty newborn

Woo oo baby!
Woo oo you’re my baby now!

Songwriters: Edie Brickell / Stephen Martin

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