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Building with Two-By-Fours

heart shaped leaf

Paul at Paul’s Poetry Playground has introduced me to another new, rather obscure poetry form, called two-by-four, an “eight-word poetic form invented by the American poet and book publisher Lee Ann Brown.”  The poem is 4, 2-word lines.  Read more about the form at Paul’s page by clicking on the link above.

Bad Boyfriend

You loved
me enough
to make
me grieve.


Bad Dreams

testing naked
lost car
forever falling
dead blackness


New Puppy

tireless kisses
impromptu squats
running dreams
infinite cuteness



creative prompts
pump up
write juices
poems ferment



write-read lovers
keyboards eyeballs
inhale exhale
creative community



heaven’s notes
aural pathway
played by
ecstatic souls

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