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#FF — Hail Zim!


Zim’s life is an open book. He’s been in the limelight for half of it. Zim’s name has passed through millions of lips and minds. His stature is magnified by his celebrity. He’s refused to cave in to plastic surgery manipulations. Not worried when his marriage to Ven collapsed, he rode out the tabloids like one rides out a bad case of the flu. When Tarantino made him one of the stable, Zim knew he’d reached the highgate of superstardom. He’s co-produced Vice and The King and is now starring in Ad Astra. He’s aptly inked with Invictus. Hail Zim!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the inspiring host of Friday Fictioneers.

Note:  Zim and Ven are the nicknames I gave Brad Pitt and Anjelina Jolie for this piece of fact-fiction.

37 thoughts on “#FF — Hail Zim!

    1. Rochelle, you are so right. I read a recent interview where he said he’s going to be doing less acting and more producing. When I see the films he’s co-producing, it shows where his heart is.


    1. As a handsome movie star who is now 50 or close, I believe it is standard practice to look forever young for the screen. Yes, there is tremendous pressure to go under the knife. He is showing some wear on his skin but he looks real and that’s a good thing.

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  1. Exquisitely done! Zim seems to be exactly what the world needs more of! A corss between J.D.Salinger, Thomas Pynchon and Jaron Lanier! Just loved this: “he rode out the tabloids like one rides out a bad case of the flu.”

    Best Wishes


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  2. A good story and well written, Jade. I didn’t see the footnote at first then went back and reread the story after reading the comments. I admire actors who don’t have plastic surgery but can understand why some do. I would worry as it sometimes makes things much worse. —- Suzanne

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