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dVerse — descriptive detail — Emissary

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Peng, whose wingspan covers the sky
Alights on Yellow Mountain’s Peak
Red eyes survey the village below
From whom will he take today?

Old Mrs. Yen, asleep on the porch,
Broom still in her hand,
Will have fewer dreams after today;
fewer remembered celebrations, fewer regrets.

The seasons pass…

One winter moon shines through the window:
Mrs. Yen, a guileless smile upon her cheeks.
Peng beats his mighty wings, rises;
In his claws, a small, lifeless form.

Across valleys, rivers, then higher,
Through the clouds to Celestial Abode.
Wakened, Mrs. Yen opens her eyes
And cries as family embraces her.

Frank H is the host of dVerse today.  Frank says:
To participate in this prompt write a poem paying attention to the descriptive detail that will tell readers what the poem is about and what you hope will hold their interest and make them want to read it again.

Peng” painting by Sue Gurland.

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