Coloring Club Plus — 10/27/19

Oct 27

First off, Happy Diwali! I went looking in my books and found one of the symbols connected with it. Not sure what it means, but it is like a teardrop mandala.

Bird and Diz is a studio album by jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker and trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie. It was recorded primarily on June 6, 1950 in New York City. Two tracks featured on the original pressing, “Passport” and “Visa”, were recorded by Parker, without Gillespie and with a different personnel than that of the other tracks, in March and May 1949. The album was originally issued in 1952 in 10″ format as a collection of 78 rpm singles on the Verve subsidiary label Clef Records. (My copy is Clef Records.)

Although produced by Norman Granz, known for large ensembles at the time, the album contains compositions performed with the standard bebop instrumentation of saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass, and drums. In a 1952 four-star review of Bird and Diz, a Down Beat magazine columnist wrote of Granz’s contribution to the album’s sound, stating “Though there is no mention of bop in Norman Granz'[s] notes, we owe him a salvo for reminding us through this LP that this music is still very much alive.” It is the final collaborative studio recording by Parker and Gillespie, and has been reissued several times by Verve and PolyGram Records.

“My Melancholy Baby” is a popular song published in 1912 and first sung publicly by William Frawley. The music was written by Ernie M. Burnett (1884–1959), the lyrics by George A. Norton.

Ernie Burnett, who composed the music, was wounded fighting in the First World War, and he lost his memory and his identity dog tags. While recuperating in the hospital, a pianist entertained the patients with popular tunes including “Melancholy Baby”. Burnett rose from his sickbed and exclaimed, “That’s my song!” He had regained his memory.

William Frawley, who played Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy, stated that he was the first person to perform the song publicly, in 1912 in the Mozart Cafe at 1647 Curtis Street in Denver, Colorado. Frawley revealed this during a May 3, 1965, appearance on the TV game show I’ve Got a Secret. In 1958, Frawley performed the song again on the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour on the episode “Lucy Goes to Sun Valley”. Frawley, as Fred Mertz, was asked by Ricky to perform “an old-fashioned ballad” for his band’s appearance on a TV show. Mertz sang the song in the rehearsal scene for the musical number.

My Melancholy Baby was recorded for this album on 6/6/50.

Musicians on My Melancholy Baby are:
Charlie Parker – saxophone
Dizzy Gillespie – trumpet
Curley Russell – bass
Buddy Rich – drums
Thelonious Monk – piano
Tommy Potter – bass

First is the Bird and Diz recording. Of course I had to go out and find the William Frawley version. It follows, with lyrics.

Come sweetheart mine
Don’t sit and whine
Tell me once again
What makes you feel so blue?
What have I done?
Answer me hun
Have I ever said
An unkind word to you?
My love is true
And just for you
I’d do almost anything
At any time
Dear, when you sigh
Or when you cry
Something seems to grip
This very heart of mine
Come to me, my melancholy baby
Cuddle up and don’t be blue
All your fears are foolish fancies, maybe
You know, dear, I’m in love with you
Every cloud must have a silver lining
So wait until the sun shines through
Smile, my honey dear, while I kiss away each tear
Or else I shall be melancholy too
Smile, my honey dear, while I kiss away each tear
Or else I shall be melancholy too
Songwriters: E. Burnett / G. Norton

I also found these alternative lyrics:
Why do you grieve?
Try and believe
Life is always sunshine
When the heart beats true
Banish your fears
Smile through your tears
When you’re sad
It makes me feel the same as you…

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  1. badfinger20 says:

    Dang Frawley had a great voice wow. I like both versions for different occasions.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. msjadeli says:

      Ditto. I was very surprised about Frawley!


  2. memadtwo says:

    You find the best stories.
    Love that Bird/Diz album cover. (K)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. msjadeli says:

      It is a cool graphic isn’t it. Most of the music stories come from wiki or songfacts, but sometimes other places.

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  3. You really shook things up for this post. Nice music Li.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. msjadeli says:

      A bit of a fun mish-mash. Glad you enjoyed the music. I’ve had that Bird & Diz CD for forever just haven’t listened to it a lot.

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