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Coloring Club Plus — 10/30/19

Oct 30

This is the third one I heard on pandora radio recently that I really liked.

Sam Roberts (born October 2, 1974) is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter who has released six albums and has been signed to Universal (Canada) since 2002. His debut EP The Inhuman Condition, reached the Canadian charts in 2002. He is backed up by the Sam Roberts Band when performing live. The members of the Sam Roberts Band as of 2011 are:
Sam Roberts (lead vocals, guitar)
Dave Nugent (lead guitar)
Eric Fares (keyboard, guitar)
James Hall (bass)
Josh Trager (drums)
Chet Doxas (woodwinds)

We Were Born in a Flame is the debut full-length studio album by Canadian rock musician and singer/songwriter Sam Roberts, released on June 17, 2003 in the US. A re-recorded version of “Where Have All the Good People Gone?” was released as the album’s first single in Canada and had a music video made for it. “Hard Road” was also released as a single with a music video in Canada. The songs “Brother Down” and “Don’t Walk Away Eileen” had been previously released as radio/video singles in Canada to promote Roberts’ previous EP, The Inhuman Condition. “Brother Down” was also re-recorded for this album. In the United States, “Brother Down” was used to promote the album, while in the United Kingdom, “Don’t Walk Away Eileen” was used.

Sputnik Music User, tom79,said:
We Were Born in a Flame was released in June of 2003, and was greeted with, for the most part, good reviews. Here, Sam Roberts expands on the simple roots rock, rock & roll, folk, and pop rock that he has done well in the past, but also incorporates new instruments such as the violin. This album spawned a new hit for the band, that being the album opener, Hard Road, and it would spend some time on the Canadian charts. And just to point out, Sam Roberts plays every instrument on this [studio] album (even violin), with the exception of drums, which are played by Josh Trager.

The album won two Juno Awards in 2004: Album of the Year and Rock Album Of The Year. Roberts also won the Juno award for Artist of the Year.

tom79 also wrote:
Hard Road, the only new single from the album, is a strong way to open the album. With its acoustic strumming and steady drumming, it makes for an extremely catchy song. The song is not very heavy; rather mellow and flows very well. The song also has some of the best lyrics on the album… Sam Roberts’ influences such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan shine through in this song, as they do a majority of the album.

Feel it grow
In your mind
In your mind
Is how you live it
Through time
Through time

And there’s no desert sun
That is hot enough
To feed your fire
We shipwreck like fools
Only to become
The ocean’s choir

And the sun dies until its reborn
And there’s no road
That ain’t a hard road
To travel on

Got lost on my way
But you
Found the road again
Stay true to your friends
Cause they’ll save you
In the end

There must be something in the air, in the air
Some kind of answer to my prayers, to my prayers
Some kind of answer to my prayers

Been dying since the day I was born
Cause there’s no road
That ain’t a hard road
To travel on

I have a vision in my mind
Of a life that I’ve left behind
Yeah, can’t you see that
Lost souls
Can’t swim
You know you’ll sink
But you still jump in

And it’s alright
To get caught
Stealing back
What you’ve lost

Yeah, don’t you know that
Lost souls
Can’t swim
You beat them back
Or they’ll drag you in

And I can’t say
That I am sorry
For all my medicines

And you try to find a love
That’ll see you through your darkest days
And her soft brown hair
Is as long as a Canadian highway

And the sun dies until it’s reborn
But there’s no road
That ain’t a hard road
To travel on

Been dying since the day I was born
Cause there’s no road
That ain’t a hard road
To travel on

There must be something in the air, in the air

Songwriters: Sam Roberts

16 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 10/30/19

      1. Yes. When I lived in Buffalo, we received all of the Toronto stations. Many of them had antennas on the CN tower, and had no problem reaching the 50+ miles to Buffalo.) Then, when my son went to school in Cleveland from ’97 to ’01 he would get the Canadian stations from across the lake, so he would clue me in to anything I might miss. We don’t get too many Toronto stations in Missouri 😉 but he still lives near Cleveland, and my other son lives in Buffalo, so I hear things.

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    1. That is one to drive one day. If they could come up with affordable vehicle fuel, I’d be criss-crossing the continent. Maybe go from e-w out there on it and come back along Route 66 in the US on the way back.

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