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What do you see? #6 — First Sighting

image by:  JOHN TOWNER @unsplash

Log of events as captured by implant recorder’s stream of consciousness by subject #A463992 on July 31, 2070AD:

July 31st is the day it was broadcast across planet Earth that the extraterrestrial invasion was imminent. I was on my bicycle on a favorite country road, riding the snaking road through dense evergreen forest on both sides that also made a canopy overhead. My phone started making an emergency alert alarm sound, so I pulled off of the road to read the text:

Extraterrestrial invasion in process. Go to emergency underground shelter immediately.”

I called my sons immediately but there was no answer. I left voicemail for them to meet me at the designated location and to text or call as soon as they got my message.

I jumped back on the bike and began pedaling as quickly as I could. It was then that a bright light broke through the tree canopy, accompanied by a buzzing as if by a million bees. Then I saw the golden light move toward me as a cloud, or swarm. I was witnessing either a new life form or attacking miniature gold-metallic-sheened flying cyberbot drones. I pushed record on my phone’s camera just as everything went black.

This archival recording is the first known sighting of The Arcturan Hive.
Documented and validated as an unadulterated recording by Scientist #JJ3342789
on 8/30/331PH (Post-Hive)

The End.

Sadje is the host of What do you see?

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