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#FF Bright Anchor

Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

He was a colorful speaker; a man whose spirit caught others on fire; an anchoring icon to his community since moving to it fifty years ago. It was those abilities that caught the attention of leaders of the new fascist regime. They needed a man like him.

On a Sunday afternoon in June, sunshine and birdsong was in the apple-blossom-scented air. Leaving church after brunch, he walked with spring in his step to his car. His mind was on Miss Jones as he turned the ignition. Debris from the explosion shattered sesquicentennial stained glass windows.

You see, they didn’t have one.

[101 words]


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the gracious host of Friday Fictioneers.

41 thoughts on “#FF Bright Anchor

  1. You’ve been ambitious with this story. The explosion tells us he refused to collaborate with the regime. The thoughts of Miss Jones were, we assume, carnal. In one hundred words, you’ve sketched out a man of conscience, and yet one who suffers the flaws of humanity as he lusts for a young woman. And your description of the beauty of the day tells us subliminally of his zest for life. Really good, Jade!

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  2. I really like your description of the serenity of the day shattered by the explosion. It’s a waste. One who is reluctant to lead a fascist regime could be the person to reform a fascist regime.

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        1. Well thank you very much. I just started reading a 1300 page Murakami e-book (previously 3 books, but all in one volume). He’s another one of those authors that really gets inside your head.

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    1. The US has had several church and synagogue bombings/shootings in the past few years as well as other fascist acts of violence. When we have a “leader” (using that term VERY loosely) who praises/condones/fails to condemn the acts, it makes things extremely tense. The bottom line, Keith, is that NOTHING of consequence for the fascists’ acts.


  3. Dear Lisa,

    It took me three times through to get the connection between the last line and the first paragraph. I love the contrasts and the fact that his mind was as far from being a speaker for the fascist regime as he could get. Well done.



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