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Doodads — 1/1/20

Happy 2020 to you all. I’ve heard it referred to as the Roaring 20’s and I called it the year of perfect vision today. Hoping that each of us is inspired to look with clarity and see what needs to be seen, so we can do what needs to be done.

Book Review
I must tell you about a book I just read by an author who is growing in my esteem with every story and book I read of hers: the fabulous and talented Cage Dunn.

I just finished reading Purpose: A Journey of Short Stories, which is an e-book that I downloaded from Smashwords.

Humans are not at the top of the food chain in these terrifying sci fi alien invasion tales. Each one is chilling in its own way. These are stories you will not soon forget.

It must also be said that, even while humans in the stories are doing what humans do best, trying to survive against all odds, the protagonists do not lose their humanity. They may be quarry but they are still human.

It was a beautiful sunny day here, even though the roads were hazardous with thick sheets of ice in many/most places, depending on the location and traffic volume, from the number-of-inches that fell yesterday and the night before. I wanted to walk out by the big lake so first drove out along it then headed to a wonderful channel that leads between Lake MI and White Lake, which also has a lighthouse. The road leading out there is narrow and somewhat hilly. In one place, I had to back up into another parking lot to let someone leaving the lighthouse parking get past. The cement ramp with sturdy metal pole guardrails was hazardous with thick ice but I was able to pick my way down to the channel walk that leads to Lake MI at one end. There were a few people ahead of me, picking along the dry spots melted by the sun, holding on to the rail. I went slowly, but when I saw a full-grown older man fall down, I said that’s far enough. I took a video from where I stopped and did a 360 before heading back to the car. It was a nice drive and short walk. The sunshine and fresh air, hovering around freezing, was invigorating.

First stops were at Lake MI.

Here you can see frozen tree roots on the tree.  How it can survive there is a mystery.

This is a good shot of the whitecaps on the water.  The wind is fast and brisk!

This is the 360 from where I’m standing.

Channel wall, looking into the water.


Lighthouse at White Lake Channel


Looking towards White Lake


Big rocks that are used to stabilize the dunes along the path.  It deters humans from walking on the sand, at least until you get out to the lake.


A song heard on pandora today is by the talented Canadian group, Blue Rodeo.

Five Days in July is the fifth studio album by Canadian country-rock band Blue Rodeo. It was released by WEA on October 26, 1993 in Canada and Discovery Records on September 27, 1994 in the United States. The band’s most commercially successful album, it has been certified six times platinum as of 2008.

The album was recorded on singer/guitarist Greg Keelor’s farm in Southern Ontario in July 1993. While the band originally intended for the recordings to serve only as demos, they found that the songs had a warmth and spontaneity that warranted releasing the collection as an album. Guest musicians on the album include Sarah McLachlan, Colin Linden and Anne Bourne. This album was keyboardist James Gray’s first album with the band. It is supposed to be a tribute to the Harvest-era Neil Young sound.

“Head Over Heels” was released in 1995 as the sixth single from the album. It peaked at number 4 on the RPM Country Tracks chart and number 16 on the RPM Adult Contemporary Tracks chart in May 1995. It was reached the top 40 on the RPM Top Singles chart.

Sun breaks I can’t wait
Til I’ll be on my way again
I’m sick and tired of waiting
With nothing to do
Watching the rain through a crack in the window
It’s the little things that get you through
Like the same sun rising on me
Is rising over you

Walking and talking
Like birds in the sky
You tell your secrets
How gracefully you lie

That’s the way you come to me
I’m head over heels
And I’m always gonna be
That’s okay I love the way you come to me

I guess we’re tempting fate
A little too long it seems
Walkingn this heat
Is just like floating in a dream
I’ve been torn apart put back together
With a couple of pieces in wrong
I’m holding up now
But I won’t be for long

Tossing and turning
Like waves in the sea
You show myself to me
You let me down easily

That’s the way you come to me
I’m head over heels
And I’m always gonna be
That’s okay I love the way you come to me

I know one night together
Won’t make up for ten apart
But I’m steady as rain
Nothing ever changes in my heart

Throw off the covers
Open the windows
I don’t care what we do
I’ve been standing for hours
Now I get to fall down with you

Walking and talking
Like birds in the sky
You show myself to me
You lie so easily
That’s the way you come to me
I’m head over heels
And I’m always gonna be
That’s okay I love the way you come to me
Songwriters: Jim Cuddy / Greg Keelor

23 thoughts on “Doodads — 1/1/20

  1. I like Blue Rodeo…I found out about them from Dave…
    I’ve always wanted to visit a Light House… really cool. Bring on the roaring twenties! Except the end part…

    Liked by 1 person

        1. There is a covered bridge at a park in Lowell, a burb of GR, where my younger son and his wife had their wedding reception. The park is sprawling and beautiful. My older son’s girlfriend grew up there. She said the bridge is reported to be haunted. I wouldn’t want to find out! There is a tiny little abandoned village right by the bridge and they have preserved some of the buildings. They do a ghost hunter’s event there, not sure if on Halloween or not…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh I would love to go to that bridge…
            That is really cool about the abandoned town. I have ran across abandoned houses in the woods. They are spooky but also like a time capsule.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. This place is more like a few buildings that have been preserved, but they do open them up once a year. My dad used to take us looking in abandoned houses. As a kid, it’s not as bad if a parent is along. As an adult I wouldn’t want to go in alone. Too many scary movies I think.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. You know where else I would like to go? Abandoned theme parks… they are all over America. I go to YouTube and they are explored. You will see things from the sixties and seventies in some.
                I would never go alone though

                Liked by 1 person

                1. That sounds like a blast! Another place moviemakers like to do horror movies in 🙂 Didn’t realize there were so many and that youtube has videos exploring them. I know there is a name for the exploration of abandoned buildings but can’t remember what it is…

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Yes…when you have free time look up some. There is one in Arkansas that was a “Little Abner” park. That closed a long time ago…a lot fun seeing what they find.
                    The only word I know is for exploring caves…spelunking.


  2. Wow, that’s a stunning place for a walk. I think the conditions make it even more so. I love when Nature shows us her wild and I’m glad you didn’t fall.

    This is one of my favourite albums of all time ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I felt brave getting out there and it was fun to do it. I bet they play Blue Rodeo a lot on the radio in Canada, don’t they? I had a Canadian pen pal back in the 80’s who sent me a cassette tape of their music or I never would have heard of them. Hey I started watching a show on netflix last night, called Virgin River, which looks like it was made in your neck of the woods. Have you heard of it? It shows some magnificent scenes of the mountains and rivers and forests ❤


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