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Visualizing The Beatles – Part 4 (and Final)

visualizing the beatles cover

Visualizing The Beatles: A Complete Graphic History of the World’s Favorite Band,” is written/designed by the duo of John Pring and Rob Thomas, copyright is 2018. I’m covering pages 210 – 271 today. Visually-oriented individuals like myself will find it compelling. These last 61 pages continue the pattern but still are throwing new things in along the way. I do want to say that these bits and pieces I’ve covered are just that. I urge you to find the book and enjoy the rest.

Today’s part will also be a quiz but also some fill in the blanks. It is loosely broken down by the 3 albums that were covered. Without looking up the answers, let’s see how well-versed you are in The Fab 4. Answers will be at the bottom of the post, but don’t look until you’ve written your answers down. Let me know how many you got right.

Section A: Yellow Submarine
1. How many Beatles songs are on it?
2. How many George Martin songs are on it?
3. Who wrote the last song?

Fill in the blank for this John Lennon quote:
If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it __________________.

Section B: Abbey Road (released 9/26/69)
1. Whats the name of the studio where Abbey Road was recorded?
2. What kind of car is in the background of the famous photo of the 4 walking across?
3. What’s the most frequently used word in the lyrics of the album?

Section C: Let It Be (released 5/8/70)
1. Who produced Let it Be? (clue: NOT George Martin)
2. True or False: There are song(s) on Let it Be credited to all 4 Beatles
3. Who is known as The Fifth Beatle?
4. Who is known as The Other Fifth Beatle?

Dig It” is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1970 album Let It Be. The song is credited to Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey; it is one of the few songs to be credited to all of the Beatles. This song and the 39-second “Maggie Mae” appear on the Let It Be album, but are excluded from the Let It Be… Naked album, instead being replaced with “Don’t Let Me Down”. Glyn Johns’ May 1969 version of the album, then titled Get Back, had a 3:59 excerpt of “Dig It”, which was later reduced to the much shorter version in the final album.


An “alternative version”:



Maggie May” (or “Maggie Mae”) (Roud 1757) is a traditional Liverpool folk song about a prostitute who robbed a “homeward bounder”: a sailor coming home from a round trip.


Oh dirty Maggie Mae they have taken her away
And she never walk down Lime Street any more
Oh the judge he guilty found her
For robbing a homeward bounder
That dirty no good robbin’ Maggie Mae
To the port of Liverpool
They returned me to
Two pounds ten a week, that was my pay.


Section A
1. 6
2. 6
3. ½ Martin, ¼ Lennon, ¼ McCartney (last song as in the 13th, not necessarily the last on the album)

Chuck Berry

Section B
1. EMI Studios (they changed the name to Abbey Road Studios some time after 1970
2. Volkswagon Beetle
3. Want

Section C
1. Phil Spector (it was re-released as a bare-bones Let it Be … Naked in 2003)
2. “Dig It” and “Maggie Mae”
3. Brian Epstein
4. George Martin

22 thoughts on “Visualizing The Beatles – Part 4 (and Final)

  1. Stuart Sutcliffe, the Beatle’s original bass guitarist, was more generally known as the 5th Beatle, I believe. He was also a brilliant abstract impressionist artist and sadly died very young. The film ‘Backbeat’ about his early life and friendship with John Lennon is really worth watching.
    The house in which Stuart Sutcliffe grew up was just a stone’s throw from one of the flats I lived in, near Sefton Park in Liverpool. I was living there when I first met my husband in 1984. At the time he looked very like George Harrison did on the cover of ‘Let it Be’.

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  2. Glad you enjoyed the book. It certainly was a different way of presenting info from the scores of other Beatles books… as far as 5th Beatle- my vote goes to George Martin… Billy Preston was important to the mix when he came in. The boys weren’t getting along at times at that point and adding Preston to the mix- – I think it was George who said- made them behave. ….. I always wondered IF- If Stuart had lived- he may have been famous in his own way as an artist.

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  3. I’m interrupting my endless packing to say I got the book out of the library and it is a visual delight. I’m less than half way through and already discovered John and Yoko lived at 105 Bank Street when I was living at 99 Bank street. I guess that’s why I saw him rushing for a train once in the 14th Street station…(k)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes my day, K. Yes, it is a visual delight and glad you got a special something from it. I can’t think of anything more thrilling than to be near one of the The Beatles. You were neighbors with John Lennon (and Yoko)!

      Liked by 1 person

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