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#FF — Breathe

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


The schedule rested on the ledge at the guard shack. Electric devices long gone, the only way to make an appointment was to physically make one in the book.

Reservations were out weeks; visitors felt blessed it wasn’t months. Dome Association sites each had rustic campsites for waiters. Township halls’ soup kitchens fed the masses.

Rose and her family were next. The door whooshed open and soon they were breathing fresh air. The last surviving leafy plants, all now protected in domes, quietly gave color to their cheeks, if only for an hour. Baby Pip moved his limbs and smiled.

[100 words]

The adventurous Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the host of Friday Fictioneers.

48 thoughts on “#FF — Breathe

    1. Jim, I deleted “no comment” and am adding this one. With Baby Pip’s limbs, I can see why you thought he was a plant. He’s a human baby that is slowly dying because he has no fresh air to breathe. When he gets fresh air in the dome he is revived. Hope that answers your question.


  1. “Feed me, Seymore.” I like the added twist to the preservation of plant life. I’m assuming Baby Pip isn’t a quadriplegic who regains the ability to move his limbs in the presence of plants. That would be a tragic twist. I’m imagining a more sinister twist.

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      1. Baby Pip seems to be the point of question. I immediately saw him as a meat-eating plant looking forward to his next snack. Others saw him as a human baby enjoying his taste of fresh air outside the dome. That smile at the end had a sinister feel for me, but then in a comment you said “Think Tiny Tim,” and there was certainly nothing sinister about him.

        Open to interpretation, right? Which is one of the things I truly love about these 100-word novels we write each week 🙂

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        1. Linda, you know I’ve gone dark a time or two, so having a dark spin on it wouldn’t be unusual. It may very well be exactly as you say. I just netted the story and wrote it down. You are exactly right on your last paragraph. One of the reasons I love Friday Fictioneers also ❤

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  2. A very bleak look into the future. I had no doubts that the baby was human and enjoyed the fresh air. I think the very young and the very old are the ones most affected by bad air quality.

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