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dVerse — dreamland

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Dreams are messages from home.
–Clarissa Pinkola-Estes

Vines string the pathway
Ethereal mist day, softened
Songs of gentian butterflies
Silvery wings of faeries
Enormous sunflowers
Lily pads leaping leopard frogs

Ogling bunnies with twitchy noses
Fine fern fronds fondle furry ears
Yarrow sway with rose mallow
On a spongy marsh ledging
Umbrellas glide, held by mouse hands
Rosy-tailed hawks survey supper

Deary me, diminutive dolly, dances
Roused when dark is day; I play
Each night/day a wildling way
Always gathering daisies, as
Messages from home, for day/day
Seeks so many answers and questions

I’m trying a new form today, called Spirit’s Vessel.

Spirit’s Vessel, a poetry form created by Christina R Jussaume on April 7, 2008, consists of three stanzas of six lines each of six syllables each. These stanzas must start with the letters VESSEL OF YOUR last word is 6 letters and your choice. The poem must be uplifting in content and spiritual in nature. It may be with or without rhyme. Rhyme is a plus. It should be left justified.

Lillian is today’s host of dVerse.  Lillian says:
Write a poem following the prompt — it must somehow be about a dream!

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36 thoughts on “dVerse — dreamland

  1. Well! Love this form and the alliteration is wonderful. I read it silently and then aloud. Such a wonderful illustration as well….Turns out today’s dVerse prompt was a perfect one for this form 🙂

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  2. a lovely poetic form, I must try it some day. your poem is delicious, your description is a whole new fantasy world of pleasure, this could be a lead in to a wonderful children’s story. vessel happens to be one of my favourite words and love how it flows in your poetry.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What a fascinating form form! You did a fine job conforming to it, though I have to admit I didn’t count the syllables. How interesting it foreshadows Bjorn’s alliteration prompt! I love this synchronicity that arises among pools of poets.

    Like how you combined specificity with ambiguity and your images are wonderfully creepy, contrastingly cute and cleverly juxtaposed. Always a pleasure to visit here.

    Liked by 1 person

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