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What do you see? 14 — Them

They had everyone fooled. Their methods of mimicry were inferior to none. They even fooled the most astute scientists and food engineers who studied them under microscopes and in test tubes. An untold number of photographers had taken their images and pasted them on magazine covers, inside naturalist tomes, and on every social media forum.

They remained silent and did their infrared studies under cover of darkness. When the earth was still they would unshroud their radiographic tendrils and send their data reports.

When 2020 arrived, each pulled themselves from the ground, fungal networks and all, and lifted up, as silent as the day they arrived, carried in the tractor beam of the Mother Ship. From there, two wormhole jumps and they would be home.

Sadje is the host of What Do You See?

Image credit; Flickr

19 thoughts on “What do you see? 14 — Them

  1. Wow! Very astute. To me, you’ve highlighted the beauty of these shrooms, with their well known medicinal/holistic qualities as the outer shell that can be observed with they eye or under the lens, but beneath the exterior and the entrails runs the conduit of greater purpose–absorbing knowledge and bearing witness.

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