LIVE FEED FROM IOWA  — PLEASE RE-BLOG.  This link posts all live feeds from Iowa for Bernie supporters.  The DNC hasn’t officially declared it yet.  They are trying dirty tricks like they did in 2016 but I don’t think it’s possible they can cheat Bernie again with all of his support in Iowa.



    1. Thank you for the update from BBC.
      Yes they are trying to cheat Bernie –and WE THE PEOPLE — again, like they did last year. They were supposed to announce last night. They are desperate to find a way to exclude him, as both parties are terrified of the changes he’s proposing:
      1) $15 minimum wage
      2) Healthcare for all (cuts out insurance companies and big pharma profits)
      3) Free higher education for all
      4) Cancel old student loans
      5) Teachers earn a minimum of $60,000/year
      6) Charge investment entities a per-transaction tax (this one has them quaking)
      7) Make the 1% pay their fair share
      8) Fair immigration policies


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