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What do you see? # 15 — Mimi the Flying Kitten part 1

Mimi was born on a sunny August afternoon. Her nest was soft and silky with cornsilk and milkweed fur. She opened her kitten eyes, her whiskers twitched, and she sneezed.

Mimi had never been alive before. Without a mother to explain what her wings were for, she walked everywhere. One afternoon as she drank from a cold crystal artesian spring Miss Bluebird asked, “would you like to fly with me?”

Mimi had no response other than to ask, “What is flying, Miss Bluebird?”

Miss Bluebird gave a demonstration then instructed Mimi on how to flutter her wings. Once Mimi levitated a few inches above the ground, Bluebird suggested Mimi climb a tree to a limb a few feet off of the ground. Landing beside Mimi on the limb, Miss Bluebird said, “Jump and flap! Jump and flap!” It was easy for Mimi to fly after that.

Mimi enjoyed her woodland friends’ company, but Mimi was lonely for her family. Determined to find her parents and siblings, Mimi began to scour the area, on foot and by wing. One day Mimi saw the most beautiful pink glowing flower she’d ever seen attached to a vine high up in a sycamore tree. Mimi flew up and asked the flower, “Are you my mother?”

The pink blossom swayed to and fro as if to say no, then puffed out silver sparkly pollen dust that made Mimi sneeze. Mimi breathed in the dust and an image of her mother, a pink cat, popped into her head. Mimi knew where cats lived: in a gingerbread cottage at the edge of the forest. The cottage was inhabited by a very ill-spirited witch. Mimi began to fly towards the cottage and hoped she’d be reunited with her mother very soon.


Sadje is the host of What Do You See?

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