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dVerse — haibun Monday — Spring

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Last week the library offered a free presentation on essential oils where every participant walked away with a spritzer bottle with a tea tree oil, lavender, and orange room freshener. I’ve carried the bottle with me from room to room and into the car. I spritzed my pillow, sheets, and heating pad with it as an add-in to my bedtime ritual.

Floral broom sweeps clean
With straws from summer harvest —
Spring’s promises bloom.



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Yesterday, the kids and I walked the paths at the Blandford Nature Center. They continue to expand and now have a new building, boot huts made from shipping containers for childrens’ programs, a large wigwam, and a sugar hut. There are walking trails mostly still too snowy, but we were able to see the enclosures for the rescued barn owl, red-tailed hawk, and albino mink. The road leading in was gated as it is closed in winter. We saw several worms and caterpillars traveling on the sunny concrete.

Spring caterpillars
ride free on a helping hand –
land gently; green leaves.



Frank J. Tassone is today’s host of dVerse.  Frank says:
Let’s put a little spring into our step today, shall we? Let’s spring into action.

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34 thoughts on “dVerse — haibun Monday — Spring

  1. An old farmer used to say black caterpillars were harbingers of a snowy winter. I wonder what he would say of this confused fellow?! I enjoyed your words, and could almost smell the lavender and the orange.

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    1. Yes, I wonder also. It’s a sad thing they are waking up early. There was one fuzzy one like the one in the picture but there were some types without fur. Brrrrr! Glad you enjoyed the haibun, Beverly, thank you.


    1. I was talking with my kids yesterday on our walk at the nature center. My DIL said “there are a bunch of pyramid schemes involving essential oils right now so be careful.” I know the lady who gave the talk isn’t part of it, but one of the women I sat near at it said the library (a different branch in the same district) had one woman who was doing a hard sell present and so many people complained they looked for someone they knew was not like that. So…. my guess is there is some kind of pyramid scheme with them going on and people wanting in on it are boning up on their knowledge?


      1. What I’ve noticed is- a number of books being sent to our patrons from other libraries- on order. Not sure how many of the books are in our library. Just something I noticed in recent weeks.

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        1. Our branch is quite small, so most anything I borrow from the library comes from other libraries. We have our 10 branches of the district, but we also borrow from across the whole state. Some libraries are more receptive to lending than others.

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    1. essential oils? The book I just bought has a “basic group” of 12 oils that have a bunch of uses. When “payday” comes I’m buying some. A cheap place for herbs, teas, and essential oils is Penn Herbs. I think the Amish own it in PA.

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  2. I enjoyed your double haibun, Jade, and the way it hit two senses. I love essential oils; lavender helps me get to sleep. I also like to watch caterpillars and ma surprised you’ve spotted some so early in the season.

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    1. The lady who gave the talk said lavender is her #1 go-to oil. I got some bath bombs for Christmas that were lavender scented and had lavender in the center that was floating around. It smells so good and is relaxing. Yes, we were shocked at the number of caterpillars crawling on the sunny concrete also.

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