dVerse — a day (or week) in the life — m-f

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2 am
eyelid oil rigs pumping
4 am
sagging, then curling into nightmares
6 am
anchored in steaming shower
8 am
cubicled and waiting
10 am
called to private conference
12 pm
gagging in stall
2 pm
trying to catch up
4 pm
the late cubicle drop
6 pm
wrapping things up
8 pm
home. excuses on deaf ears
10 pm
eyeball mirrors flickering
12 am
tea & baileys intermission

t-f repeat

I tried to recall what it was like when I was working at my government job.

Sarah is today’s host for dVerse. Sarah says:
I want you to choose a day, and think about the features of that day. What’s your typical Monday? What does Friday mean to you? Is your day of rest a Saturday, or a Sunday, or a Tuesday? Then write me a poem about the way that day feels to you.

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18 thoughts on “dVerse — a day (or week) in the life — m-f

    1. love and hate relationship is a good way to put it. I loved working with the kids and their families (even if not under pleasant circumstances) but hated the reams of paperwork, duplicate data entry, lacking humanity in admin, and repeated incidents of sexual harassment visited upon myself and others.


    1. Oh that is horrible, Bjorn! Musical desks! Let me guess, there is one less desk than there are employees? Taking chairs away from workers and replacing with a standing desk or a treadmill are other comfort-stealing trends my kids have told me about.


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