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#FF — I’m YUGE!


Tweet: Paper votes are sad.

Joffrey’s “landslide victory” was effected through a nation-wide voting machine virus.

The Gamerican People began rioting. Givil War II was commencing, with GAGA outnumbered 10:1 by Bernites. Joffrey consulted Par-a-Gago’s resident witch for ideas on crowd control.

Tweet: Free white hoods available at every mall. Must show NRA card.

GAGAs flooded malls across the land. What the tweet didn’t mention was with each white hood was issued an assault rifle with a case of shells.

Mass graves dug. Cattle cars operational. GEMA camps filling.

Tweet: Gongress approves name change. Hello from Emperor Joffrey. I’m YUGE!

[100 words]

king joffrey


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the swimming host of Friday Fictioneers.

49 thoughts on “#FF — I’m YUGE!

  1. Free guns with NRA card is a terrifying thought. I’ve had that conversation with my friend. If “Emperor Joffrey” ever did initiate something like that, which I wouldn’t put past him, his followers are the crazies with the guns.

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    1. I don’t like to even share this but one of my friends has parents that are unflinching followers. I asked her, “If he instructed them to go outside and start shooting people against him, would they do it?” She answered without hesitation yes. This is the kind of mind control we’re up against right now.

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      1. Holy shit! I can’t imagine following anyone or anything that blindly. I can’t fathom the reality of that. My friend’s dad is an apologist, but I don’t think he would take up arms for him. He has them though…

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        1. Your friend’s dad doesn’t need to take up arms – there are others who will do that. All it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. I do hope I don’t have to stand up and be counted for my liberal beliefs – but if necessary, I hope I’ll find the courage from somewhere.

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  2. Even if there is no virus and Joffrey loses, there are those couple of months between election and inauguration that this might still play out…. Well played,if a little too close to the truth.

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    1. Magarisa, Joffrey is who our current US leader has modeled himself after. The author who wrote the Game of Thrones books, which then were made into an HBO tv series, even said he believes it. Our current leader does so much of his toxic abuse through Twitter comments.

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