Big Snow Movies

After watching the rest of Akira Kurosawa’s Noir, “The Idiot” I started thinking about movies where snow plays a huge role in the plot or ambience of a film.  Today’s post will highlight a few of them.

The first one is where a family in Sweden takes a 5-day skiing vaca to spend quality time together, where the snow has other plans.


The next one has the snow conjuring an isolated, desolated feeling for humans in an apartment complex in winter, which is the perfect hunting ground for an unholy hunter.


Here, a man is pitted against a white wasteland while waiting for rescue after a plane crash.


The snow will not be ignored in The Hateful Eight, where those hateful ones get trapped in a lodge with each other during a huge blizzard.


Who could forget this horror classic?  Being trapped with the snow and the ghosts in an isolated chateau can do things to a person’s mind.


When we’ve tampered with nature to a point where the weather turns against life, and survival is all you can think about there is The Day After Tomorrow.


When you live in a land where snow is the usual, you learn how to navigate in it without much trouble.  This movie couldn’t have been made without lots and lots of snow.


Finally, the movie I watched last night, where the snow is inescapable wherever one goes, and someone who isn’t wrapped too tight can be pushed over the edge with snow madness.  (Amazing how much snow is in this one, set in a city.)


OK now your turn.  What movies can you think of where snow is like a character or that sets the atmosphere of the film?




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  1. I enjoyed The Hateful Eight and The Shining, both were good. I also watched The Day After Tomorrow which was very exciting. The Last King looks good.

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  2. Gina says:

    The Snowman on Netflix and The Snowpiercer starring Tilda Swinton by that amazing Parasite director

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    1. msjadeli says:

      I’ve seen those two and yes great snow movies! I am waiting on a hold list at the library for Parasite, which I can’t wait to see!

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      1. Gina says:

        Bong Joon Ho does the different strata of society brilliantly, his trademark in both the movies. you will enjoy Parasite!

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  3. badfinger20 says:

    The Gold Rush by Chaplin,
    Alive – about the Soccer team’s plane that crashed

    Love the Shining scene! Good subject Lisa.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Good one, Max. Glad you enjoyed the subject.

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