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Update on the legislation being proposed and asking for input on how coronavirus has impacted you personally.



    1. Biden does not have the leadership skills this nation needs right now. He’s a known liar who is promising the moon, just like 99.9% of all polititicians do. He’s not egregiously bad but he’s not particularly good. Mediocre. Is that enough for the American people? Have we become a second rate place where so-so is ok? I can’t remember who said, “we get the government we deserve.” If Biden wins the presidency my faith in the American people is gone. We will get what we deserve.

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      1. When your library re-opens try to get your hands on a book written by Richard Ben Cramer- What It Takes– on 6 presidential candidates for potus in 1988–if only to read the chapters on Biden….. Sanders is finished- it will be Trump v Biden in November or whenever the election is held.

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        1. Hans, can you give me the gist of what it says about Biden? What do I need to know about him? The way the virus is going it will be weeks or more before they re-open. “Until further notice…” has an ominous ring to it.


          1. The book is brilliant- the best book i’ve read on politics and one of the best books I’ve ever read period. I started to re-read it- it came out in the early 90’s and I read it then. Biden came off pretty well in the book. Of course that was close to 30 years ago. The thing about him today that is kind of scary is it seems to me and many others that he is in the stages of early alzheimers which is incredibly sad. Not that I am a Biden fan but from the book- Biden and Bob Dole were the ones who came off the best- both had a lot of tragedy in their lives. Biden came off as a really good guy- which of course isn’t a qualification for POTUS

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