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dVerse — quadrille 100 — Talisman

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Conjuring refrained wah-wahs
Apple scruffs bridge two worlds
Sad gnome sheds his beard
A clean-slated tap-dancer
Twirls through Friar Park
Magic mantra circuits of
Kaleidoscopic waves
Neutralize shadows even
In darkness. No matter how
Your head is turned,
The love light will shine in.

I wrote my quadrille on George Harrison and, “All Things Must Pass,” his first album after The Beatles broke up. I regard so much of George’s music to be spiritual, effectively acting as a protective magic talisman against darkness, Linda’s prompt made me think of him as a subject.

Linda Lee Lyberg is today’s host for dVerse.  Linda says:
With all the craziness going on around the entire world with COVID-19, I thought we might enjoy a little diversion into a world of fantasy and…MAGIC! Yes, today’s word will be magic to use as you see fit in any form. Please feel free to make up your own word as long as it contains Magic within!

46 thoughts on “dVerse — quadrille 100 — Talisman

  1. A lovely tribute for George, metaphysical and rife with wonderful wordsmithing. Few of us knew how prolific a writer George was, and how much Paul and John kept him down.

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  2. Hope you get Bernie, but I doubt as I am a cynic when it comes to Divided States of Avenging:Infinity wars.. But I hope so, sadly you need billion people for every billion dollars, and dollars are fake-magic while people are real. But Oh, the economy suffers! so let us forget that it was invented to make our lives better.. Just saw your Bernie-poster, I am a Finn myself and Bernie is trying to get you the same as we have here. But as a country there’s some deep problems with USA… Socialism and everyone is running scared?

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    1. The American People are fickle. We are becoming a subjugated population that are unhappy but at the same time are terrified and paralyzed at the idea of change. It is so discouraging to see the best candidate ready willing and able to lead us out of this mess but having so many oblivious to the damage other choices will bring to our nation and the rest of the world.

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    1. 🙂 I had the album cranked up again today. George has been keeping me company through this thing. I had a WEIRD dream the other night and George was in it at the end. I plan on making another drawing of what I saw, then using “Tintype” to see if it means anything. I know it sounds kryptic but you’ll see it soon.

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      1. Hey anytime you see a Beatle…it’s a good thing. I once dreamed I was at The White Album sessions…they looked just like they looked then…it was really cool.

        I’m looking forward to it.

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  3. We’ve been listening to The Beatles lately, and I agree about George Harrison’s work being spiritual. He was the magic Beatle. I love the psychedelic phrase: ‘Magic mantra circuits of / Kaleidoscopic waves’.

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  4. Lisa…I know it’s not a big deal but it tickled me today on who gave me a “like”…it was on my favorite guitar solos…. Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues. Which to me is like one of the coolest things.

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