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dVerse — Visions of Pangaea

The continents Laurasia-Gondwana 200 million years ago.

In the year of perfect vision
We went blind with hysteria
Isolates of touch’ rescission
In the year of perfect vision

Find a cure became our mission
In a lab in Tanzania
In the year of perfect vision
Plates shift back – now saved Pangaea


Note: in plate tectonic theory,  Pangaea is a hypothetical continent including all the landmass of the earth prior to the Triassic period when it split into Laurasia and Gondwanaland – from rhymezone

In my vision, a small lab in an unexpected place will unlock the mysteries of COVID-19 and will blast it into oblivion, thus preventing countless human lives’ early ends.  This cure will unite all humans with each other, bringing us to a golden age of peace, where we all work together to save our beautiful mother, Gaia.

Today’s poem is in triolet form.

Bjorn Rudberg is today’s host of dVerse.  Bjorn says:
Today I would like you to take inspiration from the words like plague, pestilence, and pandemic, and write a poem to console us in this time of the Corona.

52 thoughts on “dVerse — Visions of Pangaea

  1. Jade! Oh it’s lovely to see you again – it’s been a while since October, and this is a comforting poem indeed, in times like this. I hope you and yours are keeping well!

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    1. Shuku, hey! So happy to see you. So far good with the shut-down. Hoping you and yours are keeping well. Will you be writing some poems for NaPoMo and/or dVerse?


      1. Jade, I already am! I’m not on D’verse – I think at the moment I can only keep up with Na/GloPoWriMo – but if you’d like to take a look here’s what I have for now (I’m missing three days, work and ill decided to take a hand…)


        We’re…getting through here – in movement restriction order, so we’re at home and only allowed out (one person at a time) for groceries and essential things. I’m well, at least, just busier than usual because I had to shift all my classes online, and there’s challenges involved in THAT, along with a steep learning curve!

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  2. A lovely foray into mythos and hope, and your rays of positive vibes are catchy, and let’s assume infectious. But as per usual, I think human nature will blockade the sunshine and drench us in shadows.

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    1. I hear you, Max. The kids and I played the virtual board game for 4-5 hours tonight, which really takes it out of me. There are no breaks or the game starts playing your characters for you. I think my son can change the settings but forgot to ask him. This day after day of being shut in is not good. Even the cats are acting differently.

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      1. I’ve noticed Martha more impaient also…I guess they get a vibe from us. Yea those games can…drain you…that is the best word I think.
        It gets to where nothing makes you really happy…I start watching something and then change the channel….tomorrow I’m gettin gout and walking…I got out of the habit. I’ll take Miss Martha out.

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  3. Yes indeed, why not Tanzania? It’s where the specimen of Homo habilis, or “Handy Man,” was discovered, so-called by its discoverers Louis and Mary Leakey in 1964 because it was found in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania in sediments that also contained the oldest homosapien was discovered 🙂

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