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A2Z 2020 — essential oils — G — Ginger

G letter

As early as the time of Confucius, the Chinese have grown and used ginger as both a medicine and a food. In ancient Asia, as today, it was valued for its ability to build fire, both as a digestive and as an aphrodisiac. The Mahabharata, a Hindu text written around 4 BCE, recorded the use of ginger as an ingredient in stewed meat dishes. The Kama Sutra goes on to suggest ginger as an effective means for arousing sexual energies. In ancient Auryvedic practice, ginger was often called the “universal medicine” because it’s generally good for all the doshas although it has special affinity for the kapha dosha. Even the Koran includes ginger in the feasts of Paradise. – from The Practical Herbalist

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Plant appearance:  Ginger is a perennial herb, where the rhizomes (like long roots) are used to make essential oil or are powdered, sliced, pickled for cooking. It is highly revered by the Chinese as a medicine. It is reputed to be an aphrodisiac. It is used as an ingredient in exotic perfumes. It is used in cooking to make both sweet and savory dishes. It is used for making ginger beer and wine.

Oil appearance:  Ginger’s essential oil (EO) is a pale yellow to dark yellow liquid.

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Therapeutic uses: fractures, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle fatigue or weakness, numbness, menstrual cramps, GI spasms, digestive problems, flatulence, diverticulosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS,) constipation, nausea, sea or travel sickness, colds, chills, influenza, sinus congestion, circulation tonic, Raynaud’s disease, cold limbs, nervousness, mental exhaustion, general debility.

Safety precautions:  none, except do not put on the skin at full strength.  GRAS


Memory Enhancement Blend
Ginger EO 7 drops
Lemon EO 8 drops
Cardamom EO 10 drops
Black Pepper EO 5 drops

Combine oils in order and store in a small bottle. One method is to put 2 drops on a kleenex and breathe it in. Another is to put 8 drops of the blend in a small spray bottle then fill the bottle up with water, shake, and use it as a room spray. 8 drops can be put into a diffuser as well.

50 thoughts on “A2Z 2020 — essential oils — G — Ginger

    1. I pulled this from another website but will correct the spelling as I’m sure you know it. Thank you! I use crystallized ginger for making kombucha and in cooking but never tried it with therapeutic uses. What do you use it for in your house??

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      1. I had Googled it once again to be sure. I’m pretty sure it’s Mahabharata. Ginger has been mentioned there. You’re welcome. We use dry ginger along with pepper, tulsi, palm jaggery and some other ingredients to make a concoction for relief from sore throat and common cold. Ginger is also used for relief from indigestion. Ginger and garlic paste is one of the main ingredients in all our curries. My grandmother could probably list a number of other users. But, alas, I’m not as knowledgeable as her. 🙂

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  1. Ginger is frequently used in my kitchen. WE use it for making “masala” i.e. spice tea, for preparing various savory dishes using vegetables, to name a few. Ginger is indeed is mighty when it comes to fighting nausea and cough.
    All said, I however never knew about its memory enhancing capabilities! Thanks for sharing this piece of information.

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    1. I’m thinking you’re drinking ginger extract or hydrolat and not the essential oil? Interesting about applying it directly to the skin and the location. Can you check the bottle to see if this is an extract, essential oil, etc. for me?


  2. The moment I read China I wanted to add that in India it is a major ingredient of food items. And then you mentioned the Mahabharata and the Kamasutra. Though I was unfamiliar with the recipe at the end.

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  3. I use those 4 ingredients a lot in my cooking. Love putting crystalized ginger in salads, baking etc.
    Enjoying your blog- see you tomorrow! Cheers!

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    1. Awesome on the 4 ingredients! I use crystallized ginger in stir fry and also to feed my kombucha on its second ferment. Glad you are enjoying the blog, Kathe!


    1. Nice to know Ronel. Rooibos is my nightly tea. What form is the ginger in? I have some ginger roots that have been in the cupboard for awhile. Am guessing these can be steeped?


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