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Collage: Two reapers and a castle

The other day I sat down with the boxes of assorted magazine cut-outs, separated by subject (animals, people, landscapes, things) with no idea in mind.  I suspended my brain and let intuition pick the pieces.  The collage put itself together, a piece at a time.  It was too big to scan so I took a picture of it and cropped and rescaled it in gimp (thank you again, Ken, for giving me instructions on how to do it.)

two reapers and the castle 041020scaled down

17 thoughts on “Collage: Two reapers and a castle

  1. Great job…I like this kind of art. Monty Python did this kind of stuff on their show…well they didn’t but it was on the intro and ending.

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    1. Thanks Max. It’s a good way to pass time. I’ve got lots of supplies to use. You may see a whole series. I remember that art on Monty Python. The whole series was comedic genius.

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      1. It was…I have every episode…I need to revisit them while I have time. Speaking of that. I would love to have a camera to do that stop action stuff.
        I’ll be looking forward to it. It’s cool to see how you put them together to make something completely different.

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        1. That’s cool on having Monty Python collection. Music and humor (and love) are what carry us through. Yes it would be cool to do stop action. My older son made a mini movie once with program but that was probably close to 20 years ago. It was really good. He wanted to go to film school when he was in high school. It’s funny how way leads on to way and dreams are set aside.

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          1. Yes it is…Life gets in the way and it’s sad. I would rather see a stop motion film than a computer generated one…I love those. Wallace and Gromit is really cool.

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    1. I don’t get magazines anymore, except for the quarterly one Meijer Gardens sends out. Most of them are from when I worked, as people who got them brought them in after reading and left them in the break room. Once critical mass was reached and they were going to be tossed, I’d bring them home. I also put cc to the whole office once and got quite a haul. Other places that routinely discard them are doctor’s offices, dental offices, and libraries. Another possibility is thrift stores. Once lockdown is over you can scout some out and start doing collage!

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