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dVerse — furbaby — Chauncey


Whirling dervish and unbearable jumping greeter when visitors came to call,
he made it clear he was unbearably glad to see you and ignoring him was impossible.
He would return to his place at my or Bob’s feet as our irreplaceable silent forever.

I remember him in the yard, walking amongst the chickens, playing chase. He would
get too close, and they’d run then turn on him, he staying out of reach as they chose
his butt as their bulls-eye.

I remember him on the boat, smiling pant in the sun, sprawled on the floor, orange life
vest with handle, as content with the world as we were on the water, rocking, rocking.
He hated water when I met Bob. Bob taught him to love water and to swim for fun.

He walked with us down trails, never leashed, never wandering, but he wasn’t built for
endurance. Brachy breeds have funny breathing that isn’t suited to real cold, real hot,
or overexertion. Our walks were short and when he tired, Bob carried him.

In wintertime he wore coats as his fur was short and thin. He loved to lay in front of the
wood burner on the sheepskin I bought at an estate sale for $20. When it was time to
“go potty,” he would look up at me when I opened the door and ask, “Do I have to?”

One day I found him in the middle of a seizure. Afterwards he stood up and looked around,
confused. The vet said watch him and log when and how long if it happens again. He
had them once or twice a year. Not enough to be placed on medications.

He began to lose control of his bladder. He was confused and embarrassed and a look of
desperation began to creep into his eyes. His body grew rigid. He lost the use of
his back legs. The vet said there was nothing to be done except one thing.

Cowardly, I went to work that day and left Bob to take him to the vet. He carried him home in a blanket, buried him by the pond, and laid his favorite toys over his grave.
In 2016, we lost a fuzzy, furry, lubby dubby, smart, playful, mischievous, love bug.


Linda Lee Lyberg is today’s host of dVerse.  Linda says:
So today Dear Poets, I want you to write about your companion(s), whether it be a fish, dog, cat, bird, a hamster or whatever. And if you find yourself currently without a pet, think back to a time when you had one. How was your life enriched? How did you feel while caring for your pet? Or if you’ve never had a pet, write from the viewpoint of a pet, or from any animal you feel a kinship with. Have fun, and I look forward to seeing you on the walk!

40 thoughts on “dVerse — furbaby — Chauncey

  1. It breaks our hearts when they leave, but they give us so much more than love and honesty and trust. They give us the ability to feel. Everything.
    I don’t think I could live without a minder for my heart, whether dog or cat …
    thank you for his story, your story, the love that joined one to many.

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  2. Awwee.. losing a pet is one of the most heartbreaking moment no one would ever wish to experience. Your dog must be smiling from furryland with this heartfelt tribute.


  3. Beautiful and sad! I know you miss him terribly!
    It was a similar happening with our Tiger… He apparently had a stroke and had to be put to sleep. By they will always be remembered with great fondness!

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    1. I can’t remember what the vet said happened to Chauncey’s legs. If he was just paralyzed it would have been ok because we could have bought him a cart to pull himself along with as he had great upper body strength, but the bladder condition was untreatable and causing him a lot of pain 😦 Yes your Tiger and my Chaun will always be remembered with great fondness ❤


  4. Beautiful boy <3. I can see him in my mind's eye being a great big love bug! Did he snort and snuffle too?

    I once chose not to be there for the end with a pet and it haunted me for 20 years 🙂 I just couldn't do it. I have since come to believe my pet knew my absence was because of my great love for them rather than indifference. Knowing our wonderful pets, I tend to think all is forgiven. That helped me forgive myself too. When they die, they rip huge pieces of our hearts out. It hurts so badly. Chauncey was so well loved. None of my dogs have ever been boating,lol

    Thank you for sharing your sweet pup with us. ❤

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  5. I’m so sorry, you lost such a sweet companion. It’s so hard. Companions are so adept at teaching us what unconditional love looks like- ours as well as there’s. They sow us that we can practice it wirh humans too, if we will. Sadly, humans make it harder than the other animals.

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