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A2Z 2020 — essential oils — S — savory x 2

S letter

The genus Satureja is named for the satyrs, ancient Greek mythical demigods of the forest, who where known for their lusty habits and half-man/half goat shape. Legends held that the satyrs wore crowns of Savory, and the herb was once held to be an aphrodisiac [summer savory.] – from chaofbc

Summer Savory - Herb Seed | Johnny's Selected Seeds
summer savory (satureja hortensis)

Savory, summer (satureja hortensis)

Plant appearance: hardy annual herb grows 1 foot high, with long slim branches from a central stem; small pinkish flowers and small brown fruits

Parts used: leaves and flowering tops

Oil appearance: pale yellow to pale orange-tinged

Therapeutic uses: bronchial infection, bronchitis, influenza, respiratory viral infection, muscular aches and pains, fungal infection, insect bites

Precautions: can cause skin irritation, so patch test is advisable. Avoid during pregnancy and whil breast-feeding. Avoid if using multiple medications. GRAS


Wondering how to use the Summer Savory oil from doTERRA? Here are ...


Savory, winter (satureja montana)

Savory, Winter (Satureja montana) seeds, organic | Strictly ...
winter savory (satureja montana)

Plant appearance: perennial herb grows 3 feet high, branches grow vertically, small long slim leaves, dense spikes of small whitish-purple flowers

Parts used: plant, including flowers

Oil appearance:pale yellow

Therapeutic uses: viral infection, respiratory infection, bronchitis, rheumatism, skeletal aches and pains, muscular pain, digestive problems, wounds, abscesses

Precautions:can cause skin irritation, so patch test is advisable. Avoid during pregnancy and whil breast-feeding. Avoid if using multiple medications. GRAS


Natural antibiotics blend with essential oils

fine print at the bottom says:  “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.”

30 thoughts on “A2Z 2020 — essential oils — S — savory x 2

  1. I love summer savory, and I always try to have some in my herb patch; some years it self seeds, after mild winters. The “Italian Summer” and “Grecian Garden” diffuser recipes sound beautiful as dressing ingredients for a bean salad, with a little olive oil and salt, yummy!

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    1. I love the anti-viral properties of both varieties and will try to grow some. So awesome you grow it, Irene! A lot of my herbs I have in pots and I shelter them behind a “wall/block” of bricks behind the house. They survive every year. Yummy on the salad — there you go another recipe, Mrs. Chef!


    1. Thanks for the translation and good to know it goes well with beans. Glad you learned more about the therapeutic aspects of it. I’m sure the plant has the properties no matter how its used.


  2. Going by your posts, I realized one thing that our ancestors were very wise and knowledgeable. How otherwise there could be so many fables/ folk tales related to all the plants that have some value to us?

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