Movies, Movies, Movies! #34 April 21, 2020


Welcome to another installment of Movies, Movies, Movies!

Last week’s viewing has been watching the new Episode 8 of Tiger King on netflix, which is a follow-up with all of the people on the show except the two main rivals, Tiger King and Carole Baskin. Tiger King, as you know if you watched the series and have watched any youtubes since watching it, Joe Exotic (Tiger King) is in federal prison with a 22-year sentence. Carole Baskin is most likely going to end up suing netflix and probably e’erbody else.

Other viewing: a disc from never showed up so I reported it and another was sent. That only took 1-2 weeks. I watched S2E(movie)1 of Jack Taylor, the excellent Irish-made show I covered S1 of. E(movie)2 is on its way.

I’m on disc 3 of S2 of Elemental, which is a CBS series, with Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Homes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson, based in NYC. These two make a good crime-solving team.

Movies, Movies, Movies! will be on hiatus until the library opens back up. Hopefully that will be in May. There just isn’t enough I’m watching to be able to justify keeping it going in the meantime.

I will leave you with John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight episode from yesterday, as he actually features Michigan and Lansing and the protestors who want to end lockdown.

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  1. trentpmcd says:

    Great John Oliver piece, but a depressing John Oliver piece – through this entire thing I have been much, much more stressed by the misinformation campaign than the disease…

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    1. msjadeli says:

      AMEN. Anyone who has a loved one’s life at risk because of the misinformation and resulting actions (like the big mass protests at capitol buildings) is also boiling mad. One of my sons and his wife are able to work from home, my other son’s girlfriend is also. My oldest son works at a hospital and goes there every day, risking his health and his life because morons won’t stay home.


  2. I keep hearing that Tiger King is a crazy documentary. My son wants me to watch it but so far I really haven’t had the desire.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Oh it is crazy for sure, but it’s entertaining and also educational as far as the sordid reality of roadside zoos and animal “rescue” organizations.


  3. badfinger20 says:

    That was funny…but really sad also. You know I always try to look at both sides…but with Rush…I can’t. First time I heard him I thought he was an SNL skit.


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