Tick Tock Tuesday #28 — “Martha,” by Greg Miller

Stroke Survivor is the host of Tick Tock Tuesday.  He is interested in presenting art that shows what makes him tick, and he wants to see what makes each of his blogmates tick.  Today I’m choosing a song from one of the most talented musicians I know.  He’s been in several local bands and even went to Nashville for awhile.  At the time he wrote this song, he was in a group called Dutch Henry.  They had two albums, “1973” and “All That Space,” both excellent.  The song today, written and performed by the marvelous Greg Miller, is called Martha.  The words are pretty self-explanatory.  This is about a guy in the war but it could just as well be about a healthcare worker in a hospital battling to save patients from a killer virus.

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  1. badfinger20 says:

    I like that kind of country-folk music…I like him and the song.

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  2. Thank you for joining in. I agree it’s good when there is some kind of personal connection with the artist. I don’t go out so much now but I used to like live music, going to local bars etc. I don’t think any of the bands I listened to ever went on to fame and fortune (with lots, not surprising!), except the Manics (who I featured on Sunday). I saw them a few times when I was still a student and several years before they were famous.

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  3. Great guitar strumming.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      One of my favorite song in a list of favorite songs by Greg Miller and Dutch Henry. Greg usually plays lead guitar but he used acoustic on this one.

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